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Default Talents to soak up penalties

What kind of limitation would you place on a Talent that was only good for soaking up penalties? I'm thinking mainly of Weapon Talents for things like Deceptive attacks.
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Default Re: Talents to soak up penalties

Usually, a bonus that reduces penalties is worth much less than one that adds directly to skill. On the other hand, past a certain level of campaign/character power, all attacks are Deceptive Attacks and there is therefore no functional difference between reducing those penalties and adding directly to skill.

Reducing penalties in specific circumstances is worth a huge discount. Even reducing all penalties is worth much less than full skill for skills that are often used under controlled circumstances and where margin of success matters, e.g. crafting skills.

Reducing penalties in all circumstances for many adventuring skills is worth about the same as full skill with a Nuisance Effect (-5% to -10%) for not adding to Margin of Success to impress people under non-adventuring conditions.
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