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Default Critical role Munchkin card/rule queries

If anyone knows of a better place to post this, please let me know. I cannot find a single forum (including searching this one) that deals with critical role munchkin, as of yet. (I'm aware it's very new, but it's also sold out so presumably a lot of people are playing it)

I have three disputed rules for the new critical role munchkin. Hopefully someone can weigh in and clear things up because I love this game, but arguing about specific card interpretations is totally ruining it.

1. Priest card: when in combat you can give a card to another player to prevent them playing a card Against you.

Can you use this rule to give away a card after a player has played a card against you, in order to negate it? Or do you have to give a card preemptively to every single player to stop them playing cards against you?
If so, this implies a "quickdraw" scenario where players must play a card before the priest gives them a card to stop them.

2. Step of the wind (footwear. +1 bonus. Fighter only. Can discard in order to turn a failed Run Away roll into a success. 200gp)

In my opinion you should be able to use this even if it's carried (not equipped) and you aren't a fighter. Or, for that matter, discarded from your hand?

3. Level 10 Fire Giant Sentinels.
BAD STUFF - Lose a guest star. If you can't, you're dead

In my opinion you can "lose" a guest star from your hand in this circumstance, i.e. it's not necessary to have a guest star on the table in front of you. And even if you do, you can still opt to lose one from your hand. (EG if you have Orly Skiffback, who cannot be parted from you unless you die)

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