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Default Re: Split TL Table

Originally Posted by StevenH View Post
Yeah, I think I developed this way back in 2002 (or earlier, most likely). Mostly I did it because I needed a way to differentiate the different cultural toolsets. Some cultures had better R&D than others, or went down different paths and focused on different aspects of technology. Most people probably think that there are too many categories, and that's likely true. But in my worldbuilding I haven't really needed to pare it down, at least overtly. I probably do it in my head automatically.
If it works and your players aren'y confused go for it. Though in 4e such a system seems less needed. 4e Low-Tech even gives examples of real world split TLs:

Polynesian Navigators: TL0 (Seafaring TL2)
The Walls of Jericho: TL0 (Construction and fortification TL1)
Mayans: TL(0+1) (Mathematics TL3)
African Metallurgy: TL1 (Metallurgy TL2)
Medieval Medicine: TL3 (Medicine TL1-2)
Help make a digital reference for GURPS by coming to the GURPS wiki and provide some information and links. Please, provide more then just a title and a page number.
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