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Default Re: Reasonable starting points for cinematic martial artists and core wizards?

When it comes to standard magic, 250 CP allows for a noble magician. For example, a character with ST 12, DX 12, IQ 14, HT 12, Magery 3, Status 3, and Wealth (Very Wealthy) would represent a magician born of the nobility and would cost 235 CP. -50 CP in disadvantages and -5 in quirks would give them 70 CP to divide among spells and skills. If they are a member of the Church, add Religious Rank 3 and reduce Wealth (Very Wealthy) to Wealth (Wealthy), and the points balance out.
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Default Re: Reasonable starting points for cinematic martial artists and core wizards?

We've seen settings such as Roma Arcana play around with the casting time for spells in the standard system. Its not a bad approach for making the standard system feel like more traditional magic, and making sure its not infringing on combat classes.

I've given different point sets to different character build types before: my most regular is giving non-mages in monster hunters an extra hundred points to play with. The balance worked out just fine there. With cinematic martial artists, you could give them some extra points to work with.

Of course, the one thing that gurps is usually pretty good with on its magic systems is making sure they don't overshadow combatants: gurps has roots in a fair fight between a mage and a fighter, and the standard system has mostly kept them. However, that's an Armed Fighter. If your players want unarmed fighters, then you'll need to adjust somehow (to balance them and everyone else, not them and the wizards)
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Default Re: Reasonable starting points for cinematic martial artists and core wizards?

Hey! Thank you all for the amazing answers!

I would like to clarify a couple of things:
  • Not sure where "unarmed" martial arts came from; my idea was to use those classic European/middle-eastern styles, let my players shine as crusader knights and swashbuckling duelists, or even to have a roguish PC to do some low-level "assassins creed" stuff.
  • Also, not sure why Cinematic magic. I wanted to use cinematic martial arts with standard Magic - the same base magic from the basic set rules. I know there are arguably better magic systems, but this is the one my players enjoy the most. Should I also allow for cinematic magic in this case?

From what you've told me, I probably should give them some kind of Lens - they are all members of Venetian merchant family, so I should probably give them some "free" Wealth and Status (I think there was something about it in the Hot Spots book, will give it a further reading).
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Default Re: Reasonable starting points for cinematic martial artists and core wizards?

I haven't read Martial Arts, so I can't speak to the cinematic options therein, but one can restrict the growth of wizards by limiting the spells available and the availability of powerstones. Making teachers hard to find also helps. Possibly impose Duty to a wizard's guild or Social Stigma (Spellcaster) as a point-sink.

I suggest the following: build a couple of examples of what you consider the lowest-point cinematic martial artist that is "viable" without regard to point value. Then total up the points and find a ballpark starting point value. Now build some wizards using this same point total and see whether they're too over the top for you. If they are, look for enough restrictions on their abilities or freedoms until you get them to be the lowest "viability" you can.
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