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Old 12-05-2020, 09:37 AM   #21
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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Magic Item Design Game

Elixir of Suspense

Generally considered cheating by professional entertainers, this concotion when mixed in drink(usually alcoholic), makes imbider to have single-minded and adoring concentration on performance being followed.

Alchemy-1 $100/$450, potion or powder.

Next up:Yellow Bell

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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Magic Item Design Game

Yellow Bell:

A sizable (20 pound) gilded bell covered with reliefs of monsters, mutilations, and natural disasters. When rung, it strikes terror into the hearts of those who hear it. One can adjust to the sound, giving a bonus against it, and those who are expecting it get a further boost. Its used primarily to get foes to run.

Next Item: The Clay Feet of Clarity
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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Magic Item Design Game

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post

Next Item: The Clay Feet of Clarity
This ordinary looking ceramic mug holds about a quart of liquid, as one would expect. What is unexpected is that if one holds the foot of the mug against any earth or stone surface that portion covered by the mug becomes transparent, to a distance of 2 hexes. The only way to utilize this property is by looking through the mug while it is held against an applicable surface.
Rumor has it that a prodigy enchanter who liked listening through walls with a cup thought of a better way to spy on the students in the other dorm.

Next up: Fingerless gloves
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Old 12-12-2020, 03:59 AM   #24
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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Magic Item Design Game

The Fingerless Gloves are a pair of black velvet fingerless gloves. The wearer's fingers turn invisible, and don't leave fingerprints, nor any other kind of forensic evidence. Their previous owner, an infamous art thief, was arrested by undercover officers pretending to be buyers, and the police were able to match her DNA to a strand of hair left behind at a crime scene five years ago. When her case comes up in court, her lawyers will argue that her presence at that art gallery was entirely legal, as she had visited the exhibition on opening night. How she got her hair stuck in a ventilation shaft might be more difficult to explain.

Next item: The Twin Rubies of M'Kirr
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Old 12-12-2020, 07:26 AM   #25
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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Magic Item Design Game

Originally Posted by coronatiger View Post

Next item: The Twin Rubies of M'Kirr
These rubies are actually the eyes of a creature that were magically enchanted, no one knows who did the work or what the creature was but the first known owner was M'Kirr and as such they became known as The Twin Rubies of M'Kirr.

Activating the eyes requires a lot of mana (10 FP or more!) but once active the user can cast any spell without range penalties as long as the target is within line of sight of the user and eyes.

Another way to use them, which many believe to be the true way to use them, is to sacrifice your own eyes and place the twin rubies in your eye sockets. Once activated, which no longer costs a lot of mana but instead slowly drain mana, you can see anything and everything within line of sight with no problem. Fog, darkness, light, glamour, etc. nothing interrupts your sight, you see things as they truly are. You can even zoom in on whatever you are targeting to get a better view of it, no detail is too small for you to see. In a low mana zone this drains 1 FP every minute until you turn off your sight, leaving you blind. In a normal mana zone it drains 1 FP every hour, in High mana its 1 FP every day! Only one is known to person ever attempt this, they went insane from what they saw and tried to destroy everything and kill everyone.

Next Item: Staff of the Nine Elements
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Old 12-16-2020, 04:06 AM   #26
Mysterious Dark Lord v3.2
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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Magic Item Design Game

Staff of the Nine Elements

This is a high-tech item, made of refined metal and elegant crystal. To a low-tech person it will be quite beautiful, while it's name will be a mystery.

The staff is an amazing technomagic item that creates nine distinct elements. Unfortunately these are all trans-uranics with half-lives in microseconds and in amounts measured in micrograms. To an observer, it will make a few sparkles and that's it. It does this once every eight hours.

A scientist of TL7+ who figures out what it does will figure out that the possessor of the staff is being exposed to the radiation and decay products of the staff on a continual basis. This makes anyone who hangs around the staff susceptible to exotic chemical poisoning, radiation sickness, cancer, and possibly more exotic issues. It also makes the possessor and his companions really easy to track via high-tech means.

(Of course, if you get a giant monster to swallow it, you guarantee it's death in a week or two.)

The next name ... Gwoves of the Wascally Wabbit!!
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Prince Charon
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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Magic Item Design Game

Originally Posted by Mysterious Dark Lord v3.2 View Post
The next name ... Gwoves of the Wascally Wabbit!!
This rare (or possibly unique) pair of items look like simple white cotton gloves. The one who wears them (and they must be worn as a pair) gains the power of Cartoon Physics: They become Unkillable (though reports vary on the level), and very difficult to seriously injure for longer than a few minutes, if at all. They may also gain a range of other abilities, which only work 'when it would be funny.' The wearer also gains 'Trickster (6) [-30]' and possibly Weirdness Magnent. If worn for too long, the wearer may begin turning into a grey-furred humanoid rabbit.

Edgar's Excellent Embrasure
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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Magic Item Design Game

Edgar is a battle mage witha love of gunpowder weapons. Any non muscle powered missile fired through the Excellent Embrasures on his castle have double the usual range. Edgar won't make them for anyone else, so you'll need to capture his castle to get them. Good luck.

(This is for elixir of suspense)
This alchemical preparation gives the drinker a form of Delusion. They become convinced that some major event (positive or negative depending on personality) is going to occur any time now. Victims will want to stay where they are and not do anything that might interfere with their impending glory and/or doom. Unfortunately,the only cure is for the predicted happen.

Next: The Pruning Shears of Power

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Donny Brook
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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Magic Item Design Game

The Pruning Shears of Power have two features:

1) as pruning shears they have Armor Divisor (5) and +2 damage.

2) they grant the user a 20 point Cosmic Modular Abilities pool that can only be used for any abilities related to the Hedge Magic system.

Next: The Anodyne
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Default Re: [Thaumatology] Magic Item Design Game

The Anodyne is an object of impossible blandness. It is so bland and forgettable, that even giving it a meaningful name is practically impossible. A bearer with exceptional memory may be able to realize the bland forgettableness has a tendency to spill over onto its surroundings, and can exploit this to their advantage. It is best to be careful though; prolonged exposure eventually erases all physical and mental features of thoses it is exposed to.

Next: The Thread of Necromancy
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