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Default Re: [Powers] Multiple Reflexive During Combat

results in an effect like energy claws or a flaming sword. This extends from the wielder’s body
Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
You can always turn off a Melee Attack unless you have Always On. Switchable is for abilities that are automatically always on (Body Parts, Invisibility, etc.).
B102 mentions "You can switch the aura on or off at the start of your turn (if not, take Always On, p. 110)" for Aura+80%, I guess I'd figured that Switchable +10% was built into that +80% (making it more like +10%) but the idea that Melee Attack might be inherently switchable is an interesting one...

P55 seems to have examples of both without specifying what the default is:
Use this option for
an angel who can summon a sword of flame (burning),
a robot with a built-in force sword (cutting)
Would the inherently-switchable view mean you could also take "Always On" for "Jet"? Or for standard ranged attacks where an inherent readyability refers to a visible readiness to attack like a glowing hand/mouth or gun barrel or extending spikes?


the description of the underlying advantage explicitly states
that it’s possible to switch the advantage on and off with a free action or a
This is one requirement that Innate Attack doesn't seem to actually fulfill. P154 defines "Innate Attacks except those with Aura" as "Transient":
produces its effects (such as healing, injury, or teleportation) in an instant and immediately shuts off
A weapon that is visibly present at all times doesn't seem to match that...

"The same ability can have both passive and active aspects" perhaps might apply to an ability being somehow alwayson+transient or switchable+transient. From start of P152:

Activation and deactivation always work in just one of three ways for a
given ability.

No ability can belong to multiple categories

– although the same advantage can underlie abilities that fall into two or all three categories.
The first and second lines sound prohibitive, but the 3rd which distinguishes between "advantage" and "ability" is what I think opens the door.

Attacks, parries, feints, beats, perhaps even grappling? These would all be active and transient "abilities" however the advantage itself might arguably have a passive aspect "a visible weapon" which is non-transient: either always-on (a weapon you can't mentally vanish) or switchable (a weapon you can will away or will back) regardless of what the default is.

The difficulty in understanding this is I can't remember seeing either "Always On" or "Switchable" on a non-Aura Melee Attack.

"Astral Sword" (psionic powers 28) says "You can manifest a sword" which appears to support your idea of inherent switchability, since it doesn't appear to have any modifier to make it switchable if it weren't...

Unless... what if it was always switched on but the "insubstantial only" aspect allows you to keep it stored hidden inside your body when not astrally projecting, since it can only cut you when you become an astral being?

If it were always-on by default then you'd always have an astral sword attached to you and so would not "manifest" it.

I suppose the next question would be: would it cost a Ready maneuver (weirdly there is nothing I can see here to turn Astral Sword into a mental advantage to make that a Concentrate instead...) to turn Innate Attack (Melee Attack) on and off, or should it be a free action at the start of turn?

Originally Posted by Aldric View Post
Would Always On work if you actually had that 4y flame whip hanging from your arm all the time ?
If we could do that then I imagine the discount wouldn't be as generous as with an Aura since it isn't as inconvenient as an always-on aura.

I'm thinking maybe "Always On", even though it should be worth less than for an Aura, should be worth more than taking it on non-Melee attacks, because unlike a standard Ranged innate attack, having a manifested weapon would open you up to things like someone doing Beat against your weapon to compromise your ability to parry, or manipulating your weapon to put your arm into a joint lock.

Thaumatology 119 has rules for weapons-as-characters who seem like an obvious candidate for "always on" since they'd be locked in a visible sword-form at all times, as an example. Those who didn't take it might reflect something like a magic ring who can transform into a sword when necessary.
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