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Default [Basic] [Power-Ups 2] Cutting-Edge Training perk

I may be missing something, but there seems to be something unclear in the description of this perk.

The description of Low TL says:

Originally Posted by Basic Set, p. 22
You will be able to learn DX-based
technological skills (pertaining to
vehicles, weapons, etc.) in play, if you
can find a teacher, but fundamental
differences in thinking prevent you
from learning IQ-based technological
Cutting-Edge Training says:

Originally Posted by Power-Ups 2: Perks, p. 16
You’ve received instruction in one specific technological
skill above your personal TL; e.g., a TL7 test pilot might have
Cutting-Edge Training (Piloting/TL8 (Aerospace)).
The example skill is DX-based, but with an IQ default, something of a special case. I can read the combination of the two rules as saying that CET is, or is not, necessary for learning DX-based /TL skills above your personal TL in play. I'm happy that it is necessary for learning IQ-based skills under such circumstances.

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Gumby Bush
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Default Re: [Basic] [Power-Ups 2] Cutting-Edge Training perk

I take the Pilot example to be a case where the perk is like an UB granting access to the advanced training before play begins. In play, no need for CET unless it's an IQ-based skill.

Note that Basic notes "pertaining to vehicles, weapons, etc." and just about all vehicle skills I can think of are DX-based but have IQ defaults.

You might also treat it as an optional rule, always requiring CET (and quite possibly ignore the limit on learning higher-TL skills in play even if they are IQ-based). At 5 CET perks, trade up to the next TL.
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cutting edge training, high tl, low tl, tech level

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