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Default Throwing Lots of Knives

1. This might be a strange request, but how much would you give for an "Only during your turn" modifier on Extra Arms? I ask because I've found a situation where this would be really useful: fast-drawing and throwing as many knives as possible in a turn. Extra Attack helps with throwing more (otherwise you're limited to, what, two knives? See #2), but fast-drawing multiple knives incurs -2 per additional draw per hand, so there's a real use for additional hands. The way I see it, "Only during your turn" hands can only parry Wait attack, can't usefully carry a shield, only help during half a grapple... honestly, the best way to think of it is probably as two normal hands that just move very quickly. But you would be able to type two-handed while you used a mouse, which is pretty sweet. -25%?

1a. If you have four hands, does Dual-Weapon Attack (-4 for each attack) become Quad-Weapon Attack (-8 for each attack)? I'm not sure where this would be addressed. If it doesn't automatically, see #3.

2. Assuming I find dodging to be more useful than +1 to hit, is there any use for AoA in throwing weapons? There's really no AoA (double) or (strong) in throwing? I checked Martial Arts, it didn't mention anything. I even checked Gun Fu, but AoA (Whirlwind Attack) just expands on Spraying Fire.

3. Heroic Archer gives:
- Attack and AoA gains Aim bonus (useful for throwing knives... technically)
- Ignore Bulk during Close Combat and Move & Attack (as above)
- Halve the -6 to use Quick-Shooting Bows and Dual-Weapon Attack
- Halve the penalties to Fast-Draw from fast drawing repeatedly, from odd positions or while moving (definitely useful)

So, it's clear that Heroic Thrower would give the first, second and fourth benefits, but the third doesn't really apply. Is there any equivalent in throwing weapons? Should I take a perk that says "Can use Dual-Weapon Attack with thrown weapons using all my arms," and then Heroic Thrower can halve that penalty?

Let me know what you think.
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