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Default Re: Pyramid #4, thoughts?

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
So, any thoughts about Pyramid #4/4, Pyramid #4/5, and Pyramid #4/6?

The Social Delver: Utter tripe. Where do you find this nonsense?
Clerics of Ice and of Time and Fate: Useful coverage of more holy-person types. This doesn't demand to be used but will be nice to have around in case it comes up.
Tome Raiders: Rumors, travelers' tales, and the like are staples of fantasy and historical adventure. This is a good treatment for the available length, though it's the kind of thing where I'd love to see something somewhat longer. In particular, I'd love a broader framework for generating rumors, perhaps something along the lines of the history generator I put together some time ago.
A Few From Faeries: Always room for more magical items. No "I must use this now!" but also no "I will never use this!" Good set of variants.
Dungeon Diving: Not entirely certain I'd have an opportunity to use it, but seems reasonable if I ever do.
Your Own Worst Enemy: The major problem here is that at the moment I don't have the right players on hand to run the GURPS ARMY OF DARKNESS adventure this so clearly demands.
Orbs of Power: I don't use RPM, so no comment.
The Alchemists’ Guild: I think this would have benefited from tighter focus or more pages. It's a little historical, a little fantasy, a little generic, and a little specific and ends up not doing any one of those things enough for me.
Burn While Reading: Love, love, love the thick description of the volumes. Not sure about the vagueness about useful information in them. That is, I know that's not the point, but I can't decide at the moment whether it would be a better article if it provided more.
Technomagic Ritual Path Magic Spells: More RPM, so...
I Make My Fate: Well thought out, certainly, but not sure I'm a fan of the concept. That is, I prefer that narrative abilities like fate/impulse/drama points be a feature of the setting used by the players rather than a capability one might or might not specialize in as a character. It's a bit of a "chosen one" trope which has to be really well done to work for me. I like the Weirdness Magnet box.
Random Thought Table: The Noble Prize: Steven can always be counted on for an excellent column. Good investigation of a common trope.

More may follow if time allows.
I've been making pointlessly shiny things, and I've got some gaming-related stuff as well as 3d printing designs.

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