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Default Re: Gaming philosophy conundra

Originally Posted by Daigoro View Post
That is the point of rolling dice though. You could just as well throw d6's at your GM if you wanted that as a game mechanic.

It might be a sphere which holographically displays its result above it when it comes to rest. I would also presume it to give integer results, so that two very close results could be compared in finite time.

But my original point was that rolling d∞'s would have the paradoxical result that the probability of an outcome was determined by the order of the dice rolls, whereas for finitely sided dice the probability is independent of the order.
Well, swordfighting with long sticks is something I can get behind.
Infinity is not, especially not math infinity since that's fake anyway.
d∞ is probably just a d3 anyway, either you win or you lose or you draw.
It's infinite so you either go below, above or the same.
Why would the order matter unless this is some weird not really infinity thing?
Kind of a rethorical question, I probably wouldn't understand the reasoning anyway because it's gonna be some math trick that humans have invented to think they can deal with infinity.

Like the illusion of functional programming even though one cannot escape imperative programming in computing because that's just how computers work (at least the ones I know).
It's all imperative in the end.
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