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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Campaigns with websites:
Dawn of Magic. A TL2/3 fantasy campaign set in an imaginary world where all the cultures were modeled on real-world ones, if improbably distributed and modified. The central premise was that the gods kept redoing creation to clean up after inter-planar wars between their reality and another universe with dark, life-sucking gods. Except that this kept getting screwed up by the gods' imperfections, enemies . . . and creations, especially wizards. The PCs came into this situation as creations of such wizards: purpose-built heroes for breaking the cycle. Not that they knew this for 80% of the campaign! The campaign ended when the PCs successfully rallied their world's armies in a massive battle to crush the extra-planar invaders and slam the door on them for good. One of my players had a site for it here, while the last 30 or so game sessions (out of nearly 300 played over almost 7 years) are recapped on my blog here.

The Company. A TL8 semi-realistic black-ops campaign set in the real world. The central premise is that some mysterious planner managed to unite a group of wealthy, powerful people against corporate corruption, organized crime, piracy, state-sanctioned oppression, and terrorism. These people worked silently and secretly to set up a cutout organization known as "the Company." The Company recruits cops, spies, and soldiers; the occasional technical expert; and even a few reformed gangsters. These Agents are sworn to secrecy, given funds and equipment very indirectly through handlers, and sent out in teams to fight the things that the Company was created to oppose. The One Impossible Thing is that the Company could exist, and do so in secrecy; things like being shot and carrying guns in public are handled realistically. So far, 18 sessions are recapped in 17 posts to my blog here.
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Starting up sometime next Jan/February.
The Wine-Dark Sea: A campaign set in another world. A fantasy version of the Greek city-states, with cultures similar to celts, scythians, and persians nearby. I use Path/Book magic from Thaumatology. I've just finished most of the fluff, so it's time to operationalize it as crunch. Characters begin with 150 points, but I use some house rules, so they'll probably be about as effective as 125-point 'vanilla' characters. In the beginning, characters will learn to live in and love their city-state so that, when it's threatened by Dark Forces later on, they can actually feel like defending it.
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Islands of War is a TL4 fantasy setting involving quite a number of islands in an arctic archipelago. Each island is heated volcanically to different temperatures, creating a plethora of environments.

The political atmosphere is highly charged, with many of the island kingdoms constantly on the brink of war. This should give the PCs a chance to affect things, for good or ill.

Here are some adventures from this setting that I'd suggest for a Dungeon Fantasy game (some re-tooling might be needed if you're not using Islands of War, but it shouldn't be too difficult):
Clearing the Gnomish Mines
The PCs are called in by a gnome clan to help deal with a sticky situation involving giant beetle people killing their miners.

Snow Day
While traveling, the PCs stumble across the Snow King, a snow-man demon, and his army of Demon Ninja Snowmen!

The Mercenaries (This will probably require more re-tooling than the others)
The PCs are called in to search for a load of missing people. After a following a few leads, they get hypnotized into paying for busting up a bar they didn't bust up...

The Syndicate Wants You, Dead
The PCs meet an enchanter who's just been paid a visit by the Enchanter's Syndicate for selling magic items too cheaply. He's "accidentally" broken all the fingers in his hand.

The PCs meet a poor woman that's being tormented by Death himself.

Beginner's Luck (Not quite finished with this one, but it should be usable)
The PCs are hired to help a group of Rogue Modron adventurers to be better adventurers. All goes well except for the simple milk-run they're supposed to nurse-maid them through isn't quite so simple...

Return of the Nine
The adventure hook will require significant re-tooling, but the meat of the adventure should be usable. Anyway, a cave that used to belong to a group of nine Medusa witches has suddenly become a source of trouble, once more. No one sent in so far has come out, so the PCs are sent in to handle the situation.
Please note that I didn't use the GURPS magic system to build these adventures. I rolled my own magic system using a spells as powers approach, so spell casters will look a little odd to you, since all their spells are equipment (spell-book pages), instead of skills. Just poke around in the wiki a bit. It should become clear what's going on. Try the Rules page.
I write science fantasy novels. You can learn more at my author site.

Islands of War is my fantasy campaign setting for GURPS. It includes Adventures.

Have trouble drawing dungeon maps? Try Inkscape and my Dungeon Template.

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Sins of the Crusade: Alternate History of the Crusades time line resulting to a new and reinvigorated Byzantine empire composed of 5 houses: aDin, Osman, Baldwin, Komena, and Flor.

Mahadlika, the People under Heaven: An Alternate History taking place in 19C Philippines. History Diverges in 1821 when a devastating famine, changed the course of events. 19C Philippines is was a very tragic place and time, marked by much strife, suffering, and abuse.

GURPS Adventure templates, NPCs, and Game Preparation tools and notes can be found in I also have a few write ups for dealing with Modern Combat.
GMing Blog

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

The Fungal Sprawl: (DnD game originally). The PCs investigate the history of a fallen human empire and find disturbing signs of meddling by two ancient nonhuman civilizations. Soon they find themselves trapped in a three-way contest between a fungal civilization, a lizardman civilization, and the remnants of humanity. Worse still, a shadowy alien sentience is at work behind the scenes, playing all three sides off against each other. A mature-themed subversion of the Super Mario Brothers story.
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

TEAM WEIRD: Our weekly Infinite Worlds group has been on since the first 4e books published. See for scattered information on the different worlds (we rotate GM duty), characters and adventure logs.

My world started as a Merlin/Deadlands mashup where the first A-bomb test burnt the veil between the Physical and Spirit worlds and woke up powerful nihilistic demons. The campaign now focuses on Merlin-X, a hunk of New Mexico real estate splintered off the original world, a reality shard bouncing through the quanta in the Space Between Worlds and occasionally picking up strange bits of them on the way. Adventures of late have centered on finding a reliable way to travel there from Homeline and to negotiate resource rights to Spirit Glass between Infinity Unlimited and the eccentric townspeople of Bruja Gorda. Spirit Glass is a physical remnant of the A-bomb that emanates mana; it can create small normal-mana zones on no-mana worlds, and it is only found on Merlin-X. Team Weird's latest nemesis is Dark Jacques, the former familiar of one of the PCs who became independent in a freak parachronic accident. This mana-construct monkey with deep feelings of insecurity is hellbent on flinging all kinds of cosmic poo at Team Weird and Infinity Unlimited. We're almost 40 sessions in on my setting, so the backstory is...involved. My journal entries chronicling the salvation of Merlin-11b and subsequent adventures on Merlin-X are on the site.
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Johnny Angel
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

This link goes to a thread which talks about ideas for fantasy races:

Although it doesn't necessarily discuss campaigns or adventures, there is some interesting discussion about how campaign feel may or may not interact with the type of characters and character races found in a campaign. There are also a variety of ideas for different races. Some of these ideas might serve as a spark to ignite your imagination and help to build a campaign or adventure.

This link will lead to a campaign path which I helped work on over at the WoTC site:

Unfortunately, much like the other project, it died out. There's still enough there (including a map) to provide a campaign path though. You'll need to convert some of the ideas from D&D to GURPS, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Current Campaign...

Victorian Fantasy. (Okay, it's not the most original name, but it's what we're using.) Steampunk and occult heroes in an alternate 1890s where magic works. The heroes have survived fairies, a cult reviving Balor of the Evil Eye (Celtic Death God), and an unexpected and thankfully short visit to that charming little timeline...Gotha-10. The current adventure has taken the heroes... France, where they learned that the nightmarishly powerful and maniacal necromancer Oliver Brookfield, who is also the uncle of one of the player characters, and who everyone thought was dead, is actually alive and seeking something from someone called Chantico... Wales, where the dragon Rhagfyr told them that Chantico might be a Mexican dragon, or something else of a Mesoamerican nature, something extremely powerful and evil and dangerous... Mexico, where impromptu sacrifices of several horses appeased Chantico, who appears to definitely be something a lot worse than just a dragon with a bad temper, so she did not kill them (although she may have done something unpleasant to their souls), but sent them on a quest... Canada, where three of the six player characters died fighting the Wendigo, Chantico's ancient enemy...

...and back to America, where, while they were on their way to New York to take the dirigible back to London, Miss Vivien Brookfield, player character and niece of the evil necromancer, was kidnapped! Although Oliver Brookfield is unlikely to kill her (he is actually quite fond of his niece, in his obsessed and maniacal way), he wants her to join forces with him, and who knows what unspeakable outrages might be practiced on her mind or (gasp!) her person in order to gain her acquiescence!?

Meanwhile, the Sky Fiend, an evil techno-genius with a rocket plane, plots his next crime against civilization. If the heroes can stop Brookfield, they may be asked to bring him to justice. But can he be stopped before more innocents are killed and before more precious monuments are destroyed!?

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Wow, that's cool. Sounds fun. Unimaginative as the name "Victorian Fantasy" may be, it sounds like a real fun campaign.

All I'm doing right now is playing in Mark Langsdorf's Westmarch Saga DF game online. So I'm not a person in a position to add anything to this thread. But, at the risk of diluting it's goodness, I just thought to give the thread a little positive feedback.

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Kippelo: The Hundred Lands

Swashbuckling TL4 adventure, on another world. Several humanoid races organized in dozens of states and other entities vie for survival and advantage in an archipelago world of complex intrigue and strange creatures.


(Good idea!)


Not quite cinematic. Lethality higher than average, but with 'death insurance' (qv).

World Name: Kippelo

A the moon orbiting the second planet (a small gas giant w. a single ring) of its stellar system. Kippelo is slightly larger than Earth, but gravity slightly less. Poor in fossil fuels and minerals, particularly heavier metals.

Campaign Geographic Region: The Hundred Lands

An archipelego covering a land and sea area approximately the size of Europe.

Campaign Starting Location: Falzmith

A large, vibrant coastal city on a large island called Stosteg, in a state called "The Concession of Stosteg", or simply 'The Concession'. The Concession is the largest mineral producer in the whole Hundred Lands.

Interpretive Note:

This campaign is completely outside the knowledge of our terrestrial/mundane existence. Mana and magic are unknown in the Hundred Lands.

Historical Highlights:

The Hundred Lands suffered a great Deluge c. 500 Kyears ago. The present calendar runs from that point. It is presently Kippelo-year 497 P.D.

A brief sketch of the races follows:


Smallest in stature of the races, the Es’ee are cautious, nimble, practical, and hard-working. In appearance, they have mobile, sympathetic faces; graceful hands; and a noticeable nervous energy. Es’ee have largish ears that move a tiny bit with their changes of facial expression. Many Es'ee exhibit a variety of characteristic facial hair growth, e.g. bushy eyebrows, ear tufts, etc.

The Es’ee are also prone to a kind of genetic anomaly which can result in the occurence of functional animal-like features or appendages. These individuals are a bit stigmatized, but usually participate fairly normally in the broader society.

Es'ee are about 30% of the population of Stosteg, but somewhat less than that proportion in other parts of the 100 Lands. Es’ee tend to live in nuclear family groups, and employ a high-K rearing strategy involving both parents.


The largest-statured people of the 100 Lands, aggressive in combat, strong, and very resistant to injury. In a fight, one Se'em is usually a challenging match for several other-race individuals.

Their skin-colour is a uniform grey, they have heavy facial bones, and almost no body hair.

Se'em are the rarests of the 100 Lands races. Outside of Sayabah, they are uncommon enough that a visiting Se'em will usually draw out crowds of unabashed gawkers in most places.


Smaller cousins to the mighty Se'em, the Es'em are formidable fighters and soldiers themselves.

The Es'em are usually of 'normal human' height, but somewhat more heavily muscled. Their skin colour is a uniform grey, they usually have a prominent brow, and hair colours range widely but usually has a metallicness.

Es'em are most common in Sayabah, where they make up a substantial majority of the population. They also live in much smaller numbers in other parts of the 100 Lands, or in Sayabah outposts along the shores of Ragyen.

Little is known by outsiders about lifestyles of the Se'em and Es'em in Sayabah. In other parts of the 100 Lands Es'em usually live in small self-contained communes, or are hired troops/bodyguards barracked by their employers according to their contractual terms.


Are the most populous race, comprising the majority of individuals across the 100 Lands. The Se'el are a creative and fecund race, but shorter-lived than the others. Taxonomically, Se'el look like compact, moderately-muscled, olive skinned, any-eye-colored 'normal' humans. Normally, they all have thick straight black to grey-brown hair.

Se'el are most populous in Nioord, where they make up the vast underclass of agricultural serfs. They also live in significant numbers in Mayalshor and Stosteg, where they can fare much better socio-economically. Se'els can be found in smaller numbers virtually anywhere in the 100 Lands.

Se'els can have different family structures, usually conforming more or less to whatever social norm prevails in the areas they live. In Nioord, for example, children are raised cheifly by their mothers' families with fathers having little participation in raising their own children. In Stosteg, by contrast, more Se'els follow the Es'ee model of nuclear families led by pair-bonded parents.


The long-lived Es'o have a large population in Old Qaside, but are relatively uncommon in all other parts of the 100 Lands. Es'os also live in Nioord, comprising the over-class in that sharply divided society. Es'os also populate the great Fleets (q.v.) that forever travel the 100 Lands.

Es'os rarely exceed 'normal human' height. They are usually fine-featured, with lean bodies and broad shoulders. E'sos can deliberately control their skin pigmentation, and are capable of significant changes of hue over the course of several days. They have fine hair that ranges from wavy thru curly to frizzy; whether blond, brunette or red-haired.

Matrilineal (but not matriarchal) clans and familial sub-units are the basis of organization. Mating is exclusively exogamous, but all resulting children are raised by and live with their mother's family and clan. Es'os rarely know or care who their fathers are, but maternal uncles and grandfathers are significant figures.
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