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Old 08-30-2021, 03:00 PM   #131
Running Wolf
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Bringing a thread back from the dead...

Been messing around with the old idea I had of throwing Stargate & Sliders in a blender and seeing what might happen.

Starting it out as a simple one or other in the beginning (either Alt Earth or planetary travel) and having the return trip home (a few sessions down the line) switch to the other (world).

If the campaign runs long enough the Alt Earth shifting main baddies might have time to contact the main planet hopping baddies so it provides a good deal of different adventures from covert ops, to diplomacy, to "go kill the bad guys and nuke a ring base".

Same goes for the set up of the organization with the gate. A private company, university, military (or military contractor) would each have different feels and motivations.

Modern tech levels, Earth as we basically know, no magic. Any sort of magic would be the "Clarke Magic" (technology that lower tech cultures can't understand as tech but does as superstition).

Again could place the outlier travel (other planets or Alt Earths) as a technical glitch in the ring device. That would be another mystery to solve. It's also a way to break up GM's Block or have a change of tone when you need one.
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

A Casa de Veraneio (The Summer House)

In Victorian England, characters are invited to read a will on the deathbed of a dying person in Wales. During the journey, horrifying forces can prevent the characters from reaching their destination. Will they defeat them?

Written in portuguese, this adventure introdute the players on sobrenatural world.

RPGames Brasil
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