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Old 12-07-2009, 06:29 PM   #41
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I have a GURPS Shadowrun campaign going, which I'm recording over at

Take a look!
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Originally Posted by Kromm View Post
Campaigns with websites:
Dawn of Magic.

The Company.
Is your Primal Powers campaign recorded anywhere?
I've seen it described as "a TL8 psi/magic/martial arts campaign by Dr. Kromm (Sean Punch)." However, I can't find it on the net, the link doesn't work.

This is the sort of campaign that interests me.

EDIT: I found it.

Definitely something I'd love to see updated to GURPS 4e and and detailed in an e23 PDF available for sale. It's one of the coolest campaign concepts I've seen.

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Old 12-14-2009, 05:35 PM   #43
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository


This campaign has 100pt characters, whatever the Players want. Robot with a laser on your shoulder, fine. You want a wererat thief, fine. You want a universe hopping World of Warcraft Warlock, fine. As long as it fit in 100pts and they were able to stand my meddling to work them into the fabric of the universe. The players receive about 3-5 CP per session to move them upto hero status quickly. They just started with 100 to avoid the totally unbalanced 1 power wonders that might happen.

The campaign starts out with visions and dreams to prompt action by the players. Some of the players don't know their history, having amnesia of anything beyond a couple of years ago. This allows me to develop their back history without messing up their WOW warlock idea. Plus, my players were all new to GURPS and so was I, having never played it, so I have been adding rules quite slowly. It was 3-4 sessions before anyone even realized you could do a deceptive attack.

It started on Athas (D&D campaign world) with a hunt for an artifact. This was a fairly linear adventure. You do this, then get a mission, then this etc. A shadowy being was contacting them a couple of times to provide foreshadowing of future events. Save the rod of time from some hidden location and stop the evil sorcerer kings. They travel from location to location picking up clues and learning the rules. They picked up some papers that were meaningless off an old druid they were supposed to save, ended up they killed him and so lost all his useful intel. They interacted with the Veiled alliance of wizards on this world who were fighting against the sorcerer kings as well.

At the end of about 6-7 sessions, they finished that adventure arc which landed them saving the rod of time and jumping through a player created wormhole to and I quote "some random plane". Needless to say, that player didn't come back to the game. :)

Then they went (those who survived the wormhole), to KoK(Kingdom of Kalamar) for adventure in the Vovhen Jungle. Each piece of their adventure seems disconnected from the last, and yet there are familiar dreams that tie bits together. They travelled the garden of ancient halfling travelers from Athas who populated this jungle hundreds of years ago. These are non magic, non psionic, bio tech beings that manipulate DNA. They were in a war with another race which has yet to show its face in the game. These halflings create a poison to use on the other, EVIL race and the players move on with it. We have lost several PCs with only two originals still going and all the rest new to the party.

The campaign is mostly high fantasy with standard GURPS magic, divided into divine and arcane colleges. The campaign is set up so that if the Players want to do high tech, it can travel in that direction, if they want to stick with just fantasy, it can go there as well. The flexibility of it all makes it easy for me to respond to what they want to do.

By using Bio tech aliens for the ultimate adversary it allows freedom to say, nope you don't detect any magic or psi, and yet I can justify some pretty weird effects on biological organisms.

Been going well I think, sorry we don't have a website. Maybe later. Hope that sparks some ideas, if you want more info, PM me as I have players that may be wandering around here.
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Old 12-27-2009, 03:16 AM   #44
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Here are some games I have run in the past. Some have turned into campaigns, others not. I have never posted anything on them on the web, but might someday.

"X-Files" Actually more of an X-files meets mission impossible (the old tv show), due to the number of characters. This one had an ecclectic group of characters that made all the paranormal investigating fun. One of them was an old russian ex-kgb "vampire hunter," who had seen it all and was very jaded. Funny when the younger players just getting used to the idea of a real but hidden supernatural were more than a little scared.

"Road to Rome" Set during Caligula's reign, the player's job was to escort a provincial governor's son to Rome (to be a "hostage" to ensure loyalty). A Centurion, an ex-gladiator, a barbarian scout all shared the job, and their dynamic was interesting enough, but the real gem was that the governor's son was also a PC, and would have given Caligula a run for his crazy had they ever reached Rome.

"USS Armstrong" Players were the crew of an Aegis Class Destroyer (Mark II with the helo-hanger) transported to an alternate world along with some classic civilizations, cave men, Conquistadores, A WWII bomber (actually lot's of WWI and WWII soldiers and units), etc, along with a mysterious race of intelligent reptillian spell users who actually caused the whole mess. (this was ten years before Taylor Anderson's fun Destroyermen series started, honest)

"Lost Valley" 20's pulp adventure, complete with the spoiled rich girl, the ex-soldier/mercenary, the G-man, and the Chinese Orphan. Oh did I mention the hidden valley with Classical Romans and Cavemen?

"Immortals" I hesitate to bring this one up, because it got strange fast. The basic premise is that the characters are transported by aliens into the distant past (read Ice Age) where they meet a tribe of Neandertals...and discover they have become apparently immortal due to the alien stasis machine. The strange came in when after the characters had split up somewhat, one of them decided he really really wanted to advance egyptian civilazation by teaching them how to make Pizza and Tacos...and have drive in's complete with skating waitresses.

"Time Police" This was my first attempt at a time travel game. The players were allowed to create characters from whatever time they wished, and they were "recruited" into a time travelling organization just prior to being killed at their point of origin. Actually incorporated fantasy and real timelines. One of the characters was a Thief from a magic using "Roman era," while there was also a cowboy, a couple of soldiers WWI and WWII, and an astronaut/pilot from the near future

Game's I've NEVER run, but thought would be fun.

MASH or maybe a spinoff, like Fantasy MASH... Yes it would be a bit tongue in cheek.
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Old 01-05-2010, 01:04 PM   #45
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I ran a GURPS game that lasted...well about 10 years. The night I ran the 'final' session I brought out one of the characters from the first session and it's creation date was 10 years to the day.

Anyway, the campaign was very high fantasy - the PCs dealt with earth/universe shattering level stuff. It started with just a single player for a few sessions and then semi-regular games with 5 or 6 players on average.

The beginning sessions involved the main PC taking a snatch and grab job that led him down a path of 'great destiny'. He was hired to steal a gem, but an agent of the evil god was there before him. He was nearly killed but the demon-thing stopped just shy of disemboweling him. He then became entangled in the quest by an elvish princess to retrieve the gem and take it to kill the god who had it stolen.

I won't go into the details of each following quest, but here a summary of what I can remember (hey it was 10 years long and that was 6 years ago).

- Kill the evil god
- Prevent the 'resurrection' of the evil god
- Take on the 'King of Hell' who was summoned via the PCs own life forces, making him invincible as long as they lived.
- Stop an evil mage from traveling back in time to become the evil god
- Find the pieces of the 'Rainments of Power' which will allow the creation of a new hopefully not evil god.
- Collect all 7 of the 'Shards of the Gods' to help the gods fight against the 'Darkness'
- A new set of characters, years later, become embroiled in a convoluted plot by a mage, driven mad by grief to resurrect his long dead wife in a world in which resurrection should not be possible. Turns out that is a very bad idea as the land of the dead/dreamworld is where gods have imprisoned the 'Darkness'
- Find the 5 daggers of Damnation and dicover the existence of 3 more (one for each character playing at the time...what was I thinking running 8 PCs!?). Perform a ritual at the Tree of Life to make them the daggers of Salvation. Have final battle with Big Bad

Some of the more 'unique' characters...

Father Nicholas - Effectively Santa Claus

Axe/Andrea - A Lady Hawk like curse to keep two lover seperated for eternity. Split personality...sorta.

???? - A shapeshifter kleptomaniac.
Why me?
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Old 01-19-2010, 08:21 PM   #46
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I uploaded the adventure I wrote and playtested to Obsidian Portal. I know there are a few errors in the text and especially in the wilderness encounter stat blocks (I didn't playtest most of them), but it is here.

I know, the map looks terrible.
Cura isto securi, Eugene.

My GURPS blog.
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I'm running Dungeon Fantasy with a bunch that has never played GURPS before.

Even critters they know seem new to them, because of the new system. I love it.

The setting is Urf, a world abandoned by all of the important deities. Only the God of War remains from the Old Pantheon. (I'm using Thwak, from (I think) DF Allies.)

Dwarves, elves and everything else... it's old school low-brow gaming, and it works unless someone has a Colts game on... in which case nothing happens.
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Old 02-08-2010, 11:18 PM   #48
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I am currently running Wandered Roads, an online GURPS fantasy style game set in the Palladium Fantasy world. We just completed our 98th session online and currently have 9 players divided into 2 separate parties that game on alternating Sunday evenings. The players have become embroiled in some large scheme designed to start a war and bring chaos and destruction to the world. Supposedly they are going to try to stop it.

We started characters at 125 points and think a few of them are at about 225 now or there abouts. Slow progression.

We use the completely amazing MapTool for all of our gaming purposes. Its been good times!

Other than that, I really would love to find the time to run another GURPS campaign. Im thinking of Old West, Weird West, Star Wars or maybe Firefly! But need to find the time for that... where did my time go?
Dark Paths and Wandered Roads contains all session reports of my GURPS campaigns. Some have been running for multiple years. Check them out!

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Originally Posted by whswhs View Post

Sovereignty is a present-day supers campaign set in an alternate timeline where the world's sixty or so most powerful supers are legally sovereign states, in recognition of their ability to fight an average national army to a standstill. The theme is power politics: the superheroic analog of "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." The characters are supers a bit short of sovereign status, who've been recruited to work together to keep rogue sovereigns in line, by negotiation if possible, but by open war if necessary. A number of adventures have focused on the archnemesis of one of the team members, who has opposed her in one war after another since the time of ancient Sparta; now he's siding with the sovereigns who want greater freedom of action, while she defends humanity against them.

Bill Stoddard
Is there any chance of ever seeing some more info about this setting in a Pyramid or something?

I was just rereading GURPS Supers and I noticed that it is mentioned in a paragraph there.
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Updated my Campaigns—specifically, I've finally gotten off my duff and finished putting the last campaign on my website, here

  • Started a new Play-by-Post/GameFic solo campaign for my Steel Ships & Space Marines setting, on our group's forum, here. Role-play heavy (combat-lite) story, written in turn by myself (GM) and the PC, a continuation of the last campaign. On-Hold.

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