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Default GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Some GMs need ideas. Some GMs already had ideas, and like to tell other folks what happened in the games they just ran. Some of those GMs have websites where they post one or both of those items for public consumption.

As a (hopefully, temporary) replacement to published GURPS adventures and campaigns, let's make our scratch-made or converted material easily available to those who have it not. Since it would be somewhat clumsy to have everyone's campaigns in a separate thread littering about the forums, this thread is to be a repository for such information.

In each post, provide a brief summary of what the campaign(s) is about, how long, etc., so that readers can get an at-a-glance idea what they're looking at, and a link to a website/blog/forum/whatever where they can see a write-up or synopsis of the adventure or campaign.

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Daniverse Campaigns & Adventures: Currently between campaigns.
  • After the End: A sandbox/hex-crawl post-zombie-apocalypse campaign, featuring a group of contestants and production crew for a post-apocalypse–themed reality show called After the End. First campaign to feature a session-blog. Predates the official After the End and Zombies books. Session Logs
  • The Crusade: What I've dubbed a "sandbox procedural," a semi-historical campaign, starting in 1173A.D., featuring a group of travelers on pilgrimage from Normandy, France, to Jerusalem, gradually turning into a Medieval Monster Hunters campaign—inspired by the TV series, Supernatural—along the way. As a "procedural," this campaign doesn't gloss over the travel experience, but revolves around it—it will be many runs before they actually reach Terra Sancta, if they make it there at all (the "sandbox" part). My first campaign for a new Player-group, and first to be played online, using Fantasy Grounds.
  • Outlanders: My Stargate-inspired, not-so-generic fantasy setting, that features modern characters shunted to a quasi-medieval, D&D-type world; actually a future Earth wiped clean of civilization by a Magickal (WoD) cataclysm orchestrated by godlike Sidhe Magi, reverting it to Dark Ages level. In both campaigns, the PCs end up with "genre-appropriate" super-powers. Borrows heavily from Celtic Myth.
    • "tolemaC": A Camelot-in-reverse story, with modern PCs, unwilling agents of a Magus (Merlin), being adopted by a local warlord as his šegns, and fighting against a goblin invasion orchestrated by the Evil™ Baron, the reverse-Lancelot character, and his Magus cohort.
    • Faraway: Modern PCs, college football buddies, are on a plane trip to Amsterdam from Seattle that crashes. Styled as a TV series, with a full 12-episode run, it starts out very Lost-like, with the PCs being chased by a D&D troll, gaining super-powers by eating from a forbidden tree, captured by a goblin invasion force just before the island's volcano starts erupting, all killed, wake up to a Medieval world, taken in by a noble wizard, discover they are Immortals (Highlander), and defend a village from barbarian invasion.
  • Apocalypse: A modern investigation/horror, featuring a strong World of Darkness backdrop, set entirely in a single small town—influences include X-Files, American Gothic, Millenium, etc. This is more of an "Adventure Seed," since it was cancelled after the first episode, but there's a synopsis of that episode, and an explanation of much of the setting work.
  • Dreamland: A "humorous" modern self-characters campaign, with much sci-fi weirdness. Starts with the players (as themselves) going to a Las Vegas sci-fi/gaming convention, ending up mixed up with some Russian mafia-types, on the run from Agents (from The Matrix), getting captured and "modified" at a secret lab, given super-powers, and attempting to escape (Half-Life rip-off). Easter-eggs and inside-jokes abound.
  • Fortune Hunters, Inc. and the Galleon of Gold: '30s pulp, high-adventure campaign, styled as a single movie (intended to have many sequels). Six sessions long (though cut short), it features historical flashbacks using Age-of-Sail character counterparts, some globe-hopping, a rival treasure-hunters group, and under the surface, time-travelers, World of Darkness, and "Cthulhu-type" elements. If GURPS 4e were around at that time, it would've made heavy use of the Action! series.
  • Steel Ships & Space Marines: My composite Space setting, where basically any sci-fi movie that I liked well enough, and could work into the setting, actually happened; this means Aliens, Predator, Firefly, just to to name a few. No single overall campaign exists, currently, but I do have a couple of self-contained adventures that happen to have been loosely linked (a full campaign was, and may yet be, one day, in the works).
    • Replacement Miners: A number of unrelated PC characters, on the run, end up taking a job heading to the galactic core to work a lonely mining facility, to find it has been abandoned due to Alien™ infestation, the survivors of which retreated to the orbital refinery facility. A combination of Aliens and The Abyss storylines. Lasted about 2-3 sessions, and can (and in this case, did) end with PCs making off with the pay-chest.
    • The Sabo Affair: PCs (including some survivors of the Replacement Miners adventure), owners of a one-ship tramp freighter company, are approached by an old friend, Mac Sabo, a space-pirate, in an effort to convince them to help him retrieve the "buried treasure" of a relatively-well-known pirate, Samson "Black" Bale. Intended to be the first in a series of "low-intensity" adventures (that is, not a "save the universe from imminent destruction" story), set around a single home-base. Also features a rival company, some flouting of the law, and the opportunity to end up with a butt-load of loot.
    • The Chronicles of Trent: Play-by-Post/GameFic solo campaign, a continuation from the previous campaign.
  • Underground: A near-future cyberpunk adventure using the Feng Shui system, where the PCs are action-heroes recruited into a cell of resistors to the oppressive government, operating in secret within the Waste Management bureau, trying to stop the release of a new mind-altering drug called Prozium (Equilibrium). A two-part "series pilot," the setting borrows heavily from GURPS Cyberworld, with a bit of World of Darkness thrown in under the radar.

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I'm stickying this in the hopes that it grows into something wonderful. Everyone, please keep your replies very on-topic -- sticky threads don't have room for derailment.
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

I have quite a few GURPS adventure resources available for download.

First, there are two Quick-Play Adventures: "Race for the Dutchman" is an Old West quest to find a hidden silver mine, "The Bunnies' Tale" is a Bunnies and Burrows/Watership Down flavored adventure to find the way back home after being swept away from the warren. These are self-contained adventures in the vein of the excellent Lady Blackbird, and include pre-gen characters, GM notes, NPC stats, etc.

Second, there is a wide variety of games I have run as one-shots at local conventions. These (generally) contain pre-gen characters, NPC stats, GM notes, player handouts, paper minis/figures, and more. Currently, they include:
  • Beware the Boogeyman (children's toys come to life at night and journey to the Nightmare Palace to defeat the Boogeyman and protect their children)
  • Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow (a group of PC bunnies venture forth to rescue a rabbit in trouble)
  • Hell on Wheels (a biker gang runs afoul of a local werewolf clan)
  • Locus: A Needle in Infinite Haystacks (a menagerie of strange 'alien' creatures help to reunite a rare pair of mated humans in the multi-dimensional city of Locus)
  • Requiem (an adventure based on the unfilmed script for the old "Dungeons & Dragons" cartoon)
  • Rescue or Bug Hunt? (US Colonial Marines on a corporate rescue mission encounter Alien Xenomorphs)
  • Some Bunny Needs You (pre-gens and materials for running the old "Herbmaster's Plea" adventure from the 3rd Edition "GURPS: Bunnies & Burrows" book)
  • The Warriors (members of the Warriors street gang are stranded far from home after being framed for Cyrus's murder. Can they bop their way back home?)

And, finally, the recaps of some of my much older games are online, and may be of some inspiration. They are from before there was a 4th edition, but they're all GURPS and they were all a blast to GM (and play, if my players are to be believed):
  • To Thine Own Self Be True (Cyberpunk/Voodoo campaign, lasted 19 sessions. Mayhem in a cyberpunk future, featuring rogue AIs, lots of combat, atonement for past lives, revolution, voodoo spirits and in-betweeners)
  • To Thine Own Self Be True, part II (Sequel to the above, lasted 7 sessions)
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes (Fantasy campaign, ran for 29 sessions. Took place almost entirely in the city of Waterdeep (from the Forgotten Realms). Mysteries, revenge, and of course - a dragon or two)
How to Be a GURPS GM, author
Game Geekery, Blog (GURPS combat examples, fillable PDF sheets, rules summaries, campaigns and one-shots, beginners' intro)
GURPS Discord, unofficial hangout and real-time chat

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

My current campaigns (July 2008-June 2010):

The Foam of Perilous Seas is a mythic high fantasy campaign set in the astral plane as described in Ken Hite's GURPS Cabal. The characters are the crew of a privateer ship in the service of Atlantis, variously escorting trade fleets, hunting pirates, and carrying out diplomatic errands. They've encountered a variety of mythic, legendary, and folkloric beings, from King Neptune during a "crossing the line" ceremony to the wounded and comatose King Arthur on the island of Avalon; they've battled pirates from Huy Breasil and Ys and the undersea city of the Yithoglu. The theme is myths and legends of the sea and of islands. Characters are built on 250 points and are allowed magic, mystical powers, and cinematic skills.

Sovereignty is a present-day supers campaign set in an alternate timeline where the world's sixty or so most powerful supers are legally sovereign states, in recognition of their ability to fight an average national army to a standstill. The theme is power politics: the superheroic analog of "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." The characters are supers a bit short of sovereign status, who've been recruited to work together to keep rogue sovereigns in line, by negotiation if possible, but by open war if necessary. A number of adventures have focused on the archnemesis of one of the team members, who has opposed her in one war after another since the time of ancient Sparta; now he's siding with the sovereigns who want greater freedom of action, while she defends humanity against them.

Bill Stoddard
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Dungeon Realm

This world is basically a mythical Earth that has been populated by Dungeon Fantasy creatures. All of the gods of myth are active and each pantheon has its own plane that connects to the Dungeon Realm. Asgard holds the Norse pantheon, Tir Nan Og holds the Celtic pantheon, the Aaru fields holds the Egytian pantheon, Olympus holds the Greek pantheon, Heaven holds Yahweh and his angels, Hell holds Satan and his demons, etc. There are any number of gods such as Nimue, who is the Lady of the Lake, to Mesopotamian gods like Lilith and Enki. All manor or monsters from myths and legend are also in this world as well as any number of mythological artifacts like Excalibur, the Golden Fleece, the Holy Grail, Strombringer etc. There are also gods and monsters from fictional pantheons such as the Lords of Chaos from the Elric stories, Sauron and orcs and elves from Tolkien, AD&D gods like Lolth (called Arachnia in my world) and of course the Elder Gods like Cthulhu and Nyalathotep. There is a constant battle between good and evil so that the gods from different pantheons often aid one another based more on morality than plane of origin, although the gods will squabble among other pantheons in order to protect their own interest. The Lovecraftian gods in my world are so utterly evil that even the evil gods from other pantheons will prevent their entrance into the Dungeon Realm because they will completely destroy the fabric of reality should they be allowed to enter.

There are many ages in the Dungeon Realm. There is the rise of the Deep Ones and their attempt to bring forth the Great Cthulhu, and then there was the rise of the serpent men who worshipped other Elder Gods and then finally the rise of the Sakyss, the dinosaur-men, who ruled the world for eons. Something unknown caused the fall of the Sakyss but after their rise they broke open the walls of reality and all manner of monsters and gods from myths, legends and popular fantasy populated the Dungeon Realm. During this time man became the most dominant force. But eventually he became arrogant and filled with pride and no longer served the gods. Man began to use magic and soon became expert in the subject. Sorcerers ruled the land and it is thought they studied the texts they found in the ruins of the Sakyss and this led to the downfall of humanity. The sorcerers became cruel and petty, often feuding among themselves. The good gods were no help to the sorcerers so they appealed to the evil ones like Apep, Set, Ares, Thanatos, Loki, Hel, Hecate, Arioch, Orcus, Morrigan, Demogorgon, Arachnia, Chardhros, Loviator and the Devil. These gods brought forth armies of demons to help the sorcerers battle among themselves. This time became known as The Demon Wars where the Dungeon Realm was almost destroyed by the force of evil. Then something happened and none knows why, but the Demon Wars ended. Some say that the good gods formed a covenant with humanity; others say the sorcerers tired of endless war while others say the Elder Gods were trying to enter the Dungeon Realm and both good and evil deities united to expel them.

After the Demon Wars the world was slowly rebuilt but humanity more closely followed the gods. The mystic races of elves, dwarves, gnomes and Halflings live in their own environments away from humanity. But the ruins of the past remain for those brave enough to explore them as there are treasures from ages past buried deep underground in the dungeons built by the sorcerers during the Demon Wars. Yet, these dungeons often are built beside the ruins of the even more ancient races of the Sakyss, Deep Ones and Serpent Men.

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Johnny Angel
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Over on the WoTC boards I used to participate in the 'Build A City' thread. The most recent version of the collective game/experience never really took off due to various reasons (one of them being that the end product of D&D 4E turned out quite differently than we had anticipated based upon the preview books.) Regardless, there are still some good ideas to be found there if you don't mind browsing through the large amount of thread pages.

FYI: It may be a little strange to read. The format doesn't look right anymore because the new version of the WoTC site no longer supports the same code that the old site did.

An older version of the same idea can also be seen here:
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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

In addition to converting 1e AD&D to generic Gurps Fantasy I have run:

GURPS Quantum Leap- Travel through time, guide history. Easy to write for, find strange occurences in history write an adventure around it. Quantum Leap, Voyagers!(1982) and lots of others for inspiration.

GURPS Alpha Missions- Based on the Alpha Misions described in World War Z, this takes Spec Ops troops and lets them Cut Down Zombies like so much wheat. The story of course is whats causing the zombie outbreak and who is behind it. It may lack a bit in charachter development the way we play it, but flicking the M60 to full auto and doing suppression fire is alot of fun! Did I mention I love zombies cuz you can kill them in droves and not feel guilty? Again, easy to write for. Pick a nemesis, Use google maps to pick an isolated location (So far Ive used northern Korea, Rocky Mountains, and the Amazon river), Add zombies to kill, innocents to be saved and secrecy to be preserved.

GURPS Broken Moon - Based heavily on the Thundarr world from the old TV show. Not too tough to write and has the uncommon combination of 'Savagery, Superscience and Sorcery!'. Lots of uplifted creatures, some high and ultra tech, and some mispronouced location names are really all you need to get this one off the ground. It helps alot if you watch the episodes.

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

Have run (but have no site to link to):

GURPS: WWII, Zha Rodina! (yes, I know it's spelt wrong): a Red Air Force cinematic-but-lethal WWII squadron of frontal aviation game. Ran for about 12 weeks, one night a week, some years ago. Went from the German invasion to the Crimea, time on fast-forward.

GURPS: The Box. A TL9 or so interplanetary State (totalitarian along Buearaucratic/Progressivist lines) discovers a teleport box on Mars. Characters are ordered to take interstellar beacons through, with colonists to follow later. No going back; you are what you bring with you. The ultimate escape for the oppressed, or the triumph of The State across the Stars? Based on a favourite SF short story of mine.
Played for about 10 weeks, one night a week, with some Sundays as well.

GURPS: Knights of the Star. Conflation of Star Wars Jedi, Dune politics and houses, animoid folks from Cordwainer Smith books. Rubber science, cinematic in the extreme, signature gear, script immunity for PCs.
A slow-burning campaign that has been revisited several times with various groups and players; has lasted over ten years now.

GURPS: Teen Muties. A 'school for gifted youth' collects or finds students who are taught to employ their gifts by teachers who were once heroes themselves. Outcasts, orphans or simply odd-looking; they exist in a world where all other comic characters exist or have existed (mostly UK-based ones).
Plots mined from all of comic book history. Other timelines and alternates, vistors from the future, 'the very last nazi giant robot of all', demons and angels, it's all happened.
Has been rebooted and revisited several times with different groups, resulting in a fourth-wall-breaky style that means characters and events are reworked and reinterpreted as time passes; while the time is an eternal present day.

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Default Re: GURPS Community Campaign & Adventure Repository

GURPS Manifest Destiny: MY first attempt at a GURPS game, it was Sci-Fi Western before Firefly did it...500 years from now, mankind has established a space republic, there were ups and downs along the way, such as the Robot Uprising which resulted in the laws against Artificial Intelligence. There was also the civil war between the Terran Republic (the governing body) and the Solar Federation, the governments of some of the other planets in the Sol system attempted a bit of a rebellion and failed. Most of the campaign took place on the frontier of the Terran Republic, which was largely like the American West. Basic TL assumptions was that it was TL 10 or 11 (forget which exactly, this was in 3e right before 4e was released), people wandered around armed with blasters, and FTL travel included both jump gates (for established systems as ships with hyperspace capabilities were expensive), think of them as serving as sort of a railroad. I've toyed with returning tothis setting and am debating on running "Trouble at Traver's Rift at local convention in March.

GURPS Western Horror: (I never did come up with a name for the campaign...But, it's as it says...Western horror...It included such things as Death wandering the world as a gun fighter.

GURPS Ronin Enterprises: I'm still toying with this one a bit...But, it's a supers game, where the "heroes" of the world work for Blackwater-esque corporations to help keep the peace from rogue paranormals.

GURPS Improbable Adventures: Set in an alternate 1930s, it's a mix of Flash Gordon, Indiana Jones, Untouchables, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, with a dash of Lovecraft thrown in.

I've got more, i'll post 'em when I get the chance.
My Gaming Blog
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