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Default Re: Designing a genius

Originally Posted by NineDaysDead View Post
Luck (Aspected, Mathy type stuff*, -20%)
I looked at that a bit, than gave her just plain Luck. These people have shown up out of nowhere and taken her away from a place where she really had to struggle hard with the system to get to do the work she loves. Now she's living in the future, not a second-class citizen any more, and getting to do really interesting stuff, and being valued and praised by some of the greatest geniuses of history. OK, luck in the general sense, and trying to run Serendipity on an NPC is fiddly.
Originally Posted by jason taylor View Post
Geniuses are sometimes stereotyped as having colorful eccentricities.
Where she came from, she had that just by being a female mathematician.
Originally Posted by Drop Bear View Post
The Disadvantage that also shows up as a -1pt disadvantage "Imaginative".
That's Versatile, which she already had.
Originally Posted by Drop Bear View Post
Inquisitive also a good quirk.
Originally Posted by whswhs View Post
Have you thought about Weird Science skill, to give her an "outside the box" capability? Or perhaps about the Tesseraxis weird science discipline from The Weird?
The PCs recruited her from a world entirely (as far as they know) without weird sciences.
I would also suggest that you look at giving her a point or two of Philosophy, specialized perhaps in logical positivism or in Platonism
Done. I took (Idealism), because as far as Wikipedia tells me, it was the main form of philosophy practiced in nineteenth-century Germany.

Thanks, everyone.

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