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Old 06-08-2021, 09:00 PM   #1
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Default Creating spells from innate attack modifiers and others

Hi friends!

I want to create some spells more powerfull, putting all the cost on FP and using limitations. It is possible?

First, creating a missile spell that does not need to be throwed in the next turn. I know for this I must substitute take extra time 10% but I do not know the value from the possible limitation from harming himself, when holding the projectile because as the wizard does not neet to hold until next turn, he is not threateaned from the possibility to be hitted and blow the projectile on himself. So how much this "limitation" worth?

And I want to create area spells that does massive damage and take not much time of concentration. Remember, putting all this benefits in high FP costs and fair limitations as bombardment.

For example: a instant fireball, with less Acc, 1/2D and maybe costing more FP (depending on how much it is needed to cover the possibility to harm himself)

A meteor rain that take 3 or 2 turns to cast, causing from 1d per magery level. What do you think about?

Thanks again!
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Default Re: Creating spells from innate attack modifiers and others

Take a look at Enraged Eggplant's list of Sorcery spells
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Old 06-10-2021, 10:19 PM   #3
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Default Re: Creating spells from innate attack modifiers and others

Many, many years ago Geoff Fagan (GEF) proposed "Auxiliary spells" which modified standard spells with what are now Enhancements or Limitations.

The idea was that you cast the Auxiliary spell before the "base" spell and it modified the base spell in some way. The combined Auxiliary + Base spells took effect simultaneously, boosting the effects of the base spell but at the cost of slightly longer casting time and energy cost.

I modified GEF's idea using the standard GURPS attack enhancements.

As an example:

Accurate Missile Auxiliary
Accurate Missile improves the Acc of a Missile spell.
Each point of energy used to cast this spell increases a missile’s Acc by 1, up to a maximum bonus of +10. To claim bonuses granted by this spell, the caster must take Aim maneuvers for the requisite number of turns.
This spell can only be combined with Missile spells, and can only affect one missile at a time. If the mage uses other Auxiliary spells to cast multiple missiles simultaneously, he must cast Accurate Missile once per missile affected.
Duration: As per the base spell.
Cost: 1 per +1 bonus. No cost to maintain.
Time to cast: 1 second per point of basic energy.
Prerequisites: Magery 1, any Missile spell.
Item: Any item, usually clothing or jewelry. Useable only by mages. Allows the wearer/user to cast this spell. Energy cost to create: 1,000.

Alternately, "auxiliary spells" could be purchased as Perks, using the mechanics for GURPS Magic: The Least of Spells.

As a third possibility, you could apply enhancements or limitations directly to spell skills.
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Default Re: Creating spells from innate attack modifiers and others

The MyGurps website has just what you want, as the article Upgrading the Magic System. You want the section "Modifying Spells" and you should look at "Long Range Spells" as well, which is a worked version of it.

The Author of MyGurps, Reverend PK, had a stint as the assistant line editor for Gurps and is a published Gurps author. The site is pretty good.
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Old 06-14-2021, 04:15 AM   #5
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Default Re: Creating spells from innate attack modifiers and others

Thanks, guys!
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Default Re: Creating spells from innate attack modifiers and others

GURPS Powers has Temporary Enhancements (p.172), a rule where you can add any modifier (enhancement or limitation removal) to a advantage/ability that know, but it costs you an additional 2 FP to activate, and gives you a -1 penalty to your skill for every 10% of modifiers (so a +50% enhancement is -5). GURPS Psionic Powers actually makes full use of this with their Psi-Techniques.

Granted, spells aren't advantages, but the principle is sound and moving it from one to another is fairly balanced.

I have seen a rule somewhere (can't find it on a quick check) that, even in campaigns that don't use the Temporary Enhancement rules, you can add them as a 1-point Perk, purchased for each ability separately, allowing the chosen ability to add any enhancement using that rule.. But you could instead, again as a 1-point Perk, purchase the same feature (+2 FP and -1 per 10% enhancement) on an enhancement by enhancement basis, allowing you to apply that one enhancement to any ability/advantage.

You could therefore easily make every "metaspell" a 1-point perk (the equivalent to 1 point in spell skill), and apply them to any underlying spell. This requires some planning on what enhancements you want to learn (you don't just get access to all of them automatically), so it goes well with a mage who must learn magic.

I pretty much use the latter in my own games, although I have a few additional house rules that apply.
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