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Tom H.
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Default Re: Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

Originally Posted by David Johansen View Post
Rick Loomis Memorial Room.
I thought this was a very concise and imaginative contribution.

I had a little trouble understanding the details of the description. In a way, I appreciated the brevity of the character statistics this being a derivative of GURPS.
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Default Re: Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

The secret temple:

There is a secret door in an unused hallway of the dungeon. To detect it is -8 to Per. The wall will open into an alcove and vestibule. Along the wall are old iron hooks rusted with age and black robes are on each hook. There is an old chest made of a strange silver alloy which has been tarnished blackish grey. To open the chest requires a Lock pick of -5. Inside the chest are 40 gold pieces and $500 worth of small gems ranging from rubies to emeralds to sapphires.

Also in the chest are 9 black candles. Any holy warriors or holy clerics will feel unease around the candles and if they are picked up by a holy PC the PC will become nauseous for 1d6 minutes. All others touching the candles will be fine.

If the candles are lit they will produce flame normally but they will cast very disturbing shadows.

There is a curtain at the end of the vestibule which is black with a silver symbol of three triangles intertwined to make a nine pointed star. Behind the curtain is a natural staircase which leads deep down almost 300 feet. The staircase spirals as it descends. Carved into the walls are niches with leering skulls placed into them. They are of humans and humanoid races. Some have almost terrified looks while other seem completely confused.

The stairway ends in a natural cavern with a polished obsidian floor. There is an inlay or silver and platinum which forms a nine pointed star made from three triangles similar to the one on the curtain.

There are chains that seems to be used to bind a human or humanoid sacrifice onto the floor. This is made of an unknown black metal.

At each point of the star is a place for a candle, nine total. If the candles from the vestibule are place into the hole and lit then a strange thing happens. Nothing is unusual until all the candles are lit. But when they are then the candles grow in light and will make it impossible to see for 9 seconds then the candles will dim until the flame turns black. The roof and wall of the cave will appear to be an open night sky filled with stars. The star light will cast a blueish light.

Then from the stars descend 9 huge black tentacles. These tentacles are very strong ST 40 each with 40 hitpoints and they regenerate 9 points per second. They wrestle and grapple with a 25 skill. They will try to pick a person up that is chained to the floor first but if nobody is chained then they will try to grapple any one in the area. If the candles are extinguished then the sky will vanish and the tentacles will disappear and it will revert back to the cave.

Once a person is grappled then they are pulled up into the sky and then the candles go out and the cave turns to normal. The bones of the person taken will fall a while later onto the floor and the skull will have a very strange expression and almost seem mad. A platinum disk will also fall to the floor with the name Aesaron inscribed on it.

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Tom H.
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Default Re: Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

Originally Posted by b-dog View Post
The secret temple:
Well written and very spooky.

It feels imbued with Lovecraft and Gygax.
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Default Re: Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

Originally Posted by b-dog View Post
The secret temple:

There is a secret door in an unused hallway of the dungeon. To detect it is -8 to Per. ...
This is generally awesome, but a -8 secret door in a disused hallway in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the Leopard” means it is very unlikely any PC will get tentacled. Perhaps there could be more clues? Or a map? Or a dark talisman? Or some cultists in the cafeteria discussing it over dubious egg salad sammiches?
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Default Re: Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

Rebricked hallway

There is a hallway in the dungeon that has a section that appears to have been rebricked because the brick and mortar appear newer and a lighter color. The PCs will notice this with a Per roll. If the PCs use a hammer or pick they can easily break through wall to see that there is a much older hallway that has been blocked off. A scholar will know that this dungeon must have uncovered the old hallway when this Dungeon was being made.

The old hallway is arched and covered with murals. In the first part of the hallway mural the images are of a jungle with dinosaurs and some sort of dinosaur men. The dinosaur men look like a deinonychus humanoid. They seem to be the master of the dinosaurs.

The next murals are of humans in a garden and then the murals show human societies with houses and people doing various tasks.

There is a pit that is open in the floor and a skeleton impaled on spikes coming up from the bottom of the pit. There is no treasure in this pit.

The murals past this section show the dinosaur men riding dinosaurs attacking the humans. Other dinosaur men are using swords and weapons to kill the humans. One gruesome mural shows humans being ripped to pieces by the dinosaur men with their toe claws.

The murals then show a dinosaur man king with many soldiers and wizards around him. There are clerics prostrating themselves toward a symbol of a nine pointed star composed of three interlocking triangles. Beneath the king are many human slaves doing service to the dinosaur men.

There is a real human skeleton on the wall with a spear shot through it. It appears to be a trap that was activated long ago on an unfortunate victim.

The next mural shows winged angels flying down from the sky attacking the dinosaur men. Next there is a mural of an asteroid coming from the sky and then there are murals of fire burning the land and floods drowning the land. The final mural show the dinosaur men excavating tunnels below the ground with doors to keep out the water.

The hallway ends in a crypt with a sarcophagus that appears to be a dinosaur man. The dinosaur man sarcophagus appears to be the crypt of a soldier. It is iinlayed with malacate stone to give the green color to the dinosaur man. There appears to be places for gold inlay and also gems and jewels but these have been looted long ago.

If the sarcophagus is opened there is nothing inside, the skeleton must also have been removed.

There is a strange rod made of oiled ironwood. At the top of the rod is a claw that appears as if it might be a claw from one of the dinosaur men’s toe claw. It radiates no magic so that is likely why it has not been looted.

Rod with claw on top item: This rod has no supernatural energy surrounding it. The claw is indeed mundane and has no special power unless scratched across the floor or wall. If this is done then it activates a deep ancestral memory in any human or humanoid. Whoever hears will feel immediately that this sound is familiar. Those who hear must make a Fright check at -6 or grovel on the floor in terror. Every time the claw is scratched against the wall or floor then roll 3d6. On a critical failure the claw breaks and then it loses its power to invoke the ancestral memory.

The rest of the room is empty other than random debris that accumulates with ages.

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Default Re: Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

Secret Library

This library is sealed off from the dungeon by a secret door that is -8 to detect. The door slides open revealing a library of books of the occult. There are books about demon summoning, necromancy and the Infernal in general. There are also prayer books and teachings from the demon prince Bashaari. There are also about the goals of the Bashaari cult and how they wish to free him from imprisonment. There are also some ripped black robes and a broken black candle in a box by the book shelves.

There is a small altar on the table with various offerings such as a cup of blood (long since dried and decayed), incence, and some small gems and jewels. ($100). There is a statue of a demon in black onyx with small ruby eyes in the center of the small table. The demon appears handsome but he has horns, fangs, goat legs and a demonic tail. ($250)

There is a small alcove in the library. There is a demonic being sitting inside a pentagram. It is a demon of old with the normal stats. If anyone enters the alcove then it will quickly cast darkness skill 20 and then attack the PCs anywhere in the library. Entering the alcove frees the demon from the pentagram but he must remain in the library until slain.

If the PCs slay the demon then they can see that there is another bookshelf in the alcove. There are books about a race that lived before humans were created and how they worshipped a star god and enslaved humanity until the Divine sent forth angels and a cataclysm to destroy them They dug deep underground to hide and built many structures. It also says there are fragments of the structures that were uncovered when the current dungeon was built. There is hope that the cult can use some of the devices of the old race and the star god to try to free the demon king Bashaari.
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Default Re: Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

Sacrifice preparation Room:

There is a secret door in the same hallway as the secret temple. There is a -8 to detect it. The room is shaped like a pentagon. There is a large washing pool in the center of the room. Inscribed at the bottom of the pool is a pentagram. There are small demon statues around the pool. The pool has been dry for a long time and there is dust all over the room. There are four prison cells, one on each wall except for the entrance wall.

Two rooms are empty and the third room has a skeleton. The fourth room has a very old withered man. He is sitting on the floor and seems to be unable to make a sound. If the PCs release him he will thank them and then say he will do anything he can to help them. He claims he was going to be sacrificed but by the luck of the gods he was rescued.

In reality he is a priest of the demon king Bashaari and he was unable to free himself because sacrifice preparation room because the cells block all spell casting. He is very old too because he has demonic blood in his veins. Once freed his first attempt will be to hide his aura at skill 25. He has Power Investiture 9 and Magery 3 and spell skills of 25. He is very weak though so he wishes no harm to the party at first. He will escape to the temple of Bashaari when the opportunity arises. He will take the PCs to the secret temple of the star god if he feels the party is a threat but he will not enter the cave because he really is terrified of the place. He will tell the party that is where an evil cult was going to take him.

His name is Iluk and he was a priest of Bashaari who was searching this dungeon for the cask where Bashaari was sealed. Some how it ended up in this dungeon and a cult was formed in the dungeon to find it. They searched and searched but they could not find it. They built temples to Bashaari but they still could not locate the cask. They did find older structures in the dungeon though. One structure was the temple to the star god. The star god promised to help the cult find their demon prince Bashaari but in the end the cult was subverted and they began to sacrifice themselves to the star god and this is how Iluk ended up in the sacrificial preparation room.
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David Johansen
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Default Re: Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

The City of Channels
This is a larger location containing other locations, deep in the depths of the earth.

The city can be reached by descending stair ways and pits beneath the tenth level of the dungeon.

This subterranean city is cut deep in the bedrock but has filled with water, the channels are generally 30' x 100' from the bottom to the top with 3 to 6' of water flowing through them. The channels mainly run straight and intersect at right angles. The central channel runs down hill starting dry and shallow but being more than 30' deep as it flows into the endless ocean beneath the earth. The channels are fed by three waterfalls that pour into the great chasm at the north end of the city. The city glows dimly due to phosphorescent moss which grows thick on the walls and ceilings of the channels. The moss is very aggressive

The folk of the city are strange creatures, humanoid but hunched and scrawny and hairless. Their eyes are large and black and their skin palid and sickly. Some say they are descended from humans who wandered deep into ancient caverns and became lost, never to return. The folk of the city eat a variety of mosses and fungus that grow in the moist environment. Pale grey liquor is fermented in deep clay pots. They also raise a peculiar sort of livestock, thicker and mindless than their masters but clearly derived from the same strain. Dried moss is burned for fire and coal is mined from depths.

At the center of the great chasm, is a great cathedral, ancient and crumbling reached by seven bridges crossing seven streams. The city is ruled by the priests of that place worshiping darkness and non-being in the silence of the great chapel. The priests often roam the city bearing lanterns which emit magical darkness, guarded by great white lizardmen descended from the ancient fathers of dragons. Along with preaching the hopelessness of all things, the priests will heal the wounded and the sick who confess their sins to them.

There are seven noble houses which rule the city, each sending a representative to the council. In their halls they feast and dance to strange instruments in a timeless ritual and tradition. Each house has 30 knights and 300 men at arms clad in brass scales and armed with long barbed spears who patrol and guard their portion of the city. The houses also teach sorcery and have their own specialties.

The Seven Houses
The House of Blindness (Darkness)
The Gnawing House (Food)
The Cold House (Cold)
The Hopeless House (Mental)
The House of Ignorance (Spirit)
The House of Suffocation (Water)
The Lost House (Knowledge)

Channel Dwellers

2 points

ST 10 [0];
DX 10 [0];
IQ 10 [0];
HT 9 [-10].

Blindness (Daylight Only) [-25];
Chronic Depression (in which they take great joy) [-10].

Night Vision 8 [16]
Temperature Tolerance.

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Default Re: Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

The Void of Knives
Level: (multi)

Weird Faint Purple Ambient Lighting: -6 vision, plus fog
Bridges sway and count as bad terrain
Nature's Strength -8

This room is a seemingly endless void in all directions, faintly lit by a deep purplish radiation with no source and no shadow. (It is the color of a blacklight, but does not make anything glow.) A faint mist adds an additional -1 to vision rolls per 3 yards of distance, with total occusion occuring at -10/30yds distance. Sounds are similarly muted, but at a step of 6 yards rather than 3.

The connections to the rest of the dungeon are arches of (usually) stone that match the destination, set on cyclopean pillars of similar material approximately 2 yards in diameter. Many connections are blocked by cave ins, built walls, or terrible hazards of various kinds. (One has a red field that does 10d of burning damage per second, another simply spews forth an endless torrent of ice cold water.) The connections that are open go to many different parts of the dungeon, making this place a shortcut of sorts, if you can find the pillar you want.

These pillars are connected by narrow 2' wide, 4d*10 yard long bridges of black silken rope and white ghostwood planks, in a confusing web of strange connections that reconfigure when not observed.

Anyone not touching a pillar must roll 3d each round. If they roll 13 they will be attacked by a knife of purpleblack radiance that materializes out of the mist and streaks towards them with lethal intent at skill 13. The angle of attack is random - roll perception with a penalty of 1d-1 to see one coming. A spotter can help here - have them roll perception at 1d-1 as well, allowing a defense at -2 with a shouted warning.

These strange daggers pierce physical defenses and cannot be parried or blocked by unenchanted objects. Damage is 1d imp to a random location, and DR from non magical sources is ignored.

A few bridges are more fiercely guarded, with knives materializing more often, or in greater numbers. Rarely, bridges will collapse under the weight of delvers, transform the planks into skeletons, are coated with acid or poison, turn into razor-lined slides, or animate into great rope and wood worms that grapple delvers and throw them into the void.

Anyone falling into the depths of the void (100' or more down without recovery) should roll a fright check at -10. Regardless of the results, they wake up in the Pit of Death 1d*1d*1d hours later with no memory of anything after the fall, no equipment, and no hair.

Connections -
  • Stone Pillar to Terror Bird Junction
  • Fall into the void to the Pit of Death
  • Potentially anywhere

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Default Re: Collaborative DFRPG Mega-Dungeon

Originally Posted by martinl View Post
The Void of Knives
Excellent. I keep forgetting to get back in here and finish The Sewer Of The Lost City Of The Dead.

...and no hair.
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collaborative setting, dfrpg, mega-dungeon

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