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Default Re: New Fantasy Setting Seeds.

The Doorkeepers

It used to be that there were many doors between the two sides of the world. This led to chaos and misery. Cradles robbed and changelings left, the dead drinking the life of the living, curses, plagues, endless sorrow. Then our order of Wizards decided to control the boundary. Almost immediately we had the Renaissance.

Now seven centuries later humanity is has settled the solar system and has developed superluminal flight. Obesity is a greater problem worldwide than starvation even in the poorest lands. More people get to go to university now than could read in medieval times.

But many people hate this world. When freedom and prosperity are common deference and submission are rare. There are people out there in the world who can't enjoy even the most exquisite wines unless they know others are thirsty. There are those who can't savor the taste of pheasant or lobster unless they know others are hungry. They can't enjoy being healthy, strong, and beautiful, unless they know others are denied vital medical care. These people want to rip the barriers down and drown all light and hope.

Our duty is to guard the doors between the two sides of the world and secure the right of humanity to choose its own fate.

Basically, the PCs are Wizards and Wizardesses ("witches are another category dear") who regulate passage between our mundane reality and the other world of ghosts, faeries, and stranger things. Both the beings of the other side of the world and rival groups of magic workers want to break the control in order to gain increased power over humanity.

The governments of many lands are becoming slowly more aware of the magical demimonde. As they gain awareness they gain a desire for power over this other border. Many of the Rival factions are beginning to link up with the government to break the Doorkeepers.

First shatter the doors then devour the world. At least that's the plan.

Note: Use Transhuman Space as a guide to the general tech level.
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