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Default should it be harder to strongly kick the face of someone who is biting your leg?

It seems like even if you could throw kicks w/ a leg that's grappled w/ a bite, you shouldn't be able to kick the face of the biter itself because the foot is always a tibia's length away from the thigh... so maybe you could kick some other part (ie if a zombie is munching on your right thigh, you could probably still stamp-kick that zombie's foot) but not the face that's biting you.

But what about the OTHER leg? Like for example, when we watch Batman using his left leg to kick a shark who is clinging onto his right thigh:

He's technically able to do it, but at the weird angle you're obviously not going to be able to get the usual power of a kick. These are like "leg curl kicks" relying purely on the strength of your knee flexor muscles (hamstrings) which don't use the normal knee+hip extensors (quads+glutes) to generate power.

I don't know how hamstrung your kicks are in GURPS terms though, to accomplish the weird angle of essentially "using my left heel to kick my right thigh".

I think in 3e you needed Karate to kick in Close Combat at all (and it was -1 damage) otherwise you could only throw kicks @ reach 1... but in 4E as far as I know that restriction no longer applies and you can do full-power kicks in close combat no matter what?

But it seems like a situation like this should be penalizing your damage. Even if whatever you were trying to kick had such negligible strength that you shouldn't suffer ST or DX penalties from the angle (ie a mosquito landed on your thigh) it seems like damage and accuracy would be horrible in such a situation.

One idea I had for this would be to at least treat kicks as "Long Weapons in Close Combat" and maybe apply an extra -2 to skill when reach-1 feet are used in close combat?

If you're effectively getting -2 to DX it seems like maybe a -2 to damage could also be reasonable. Does that go too far, or not far enough?

Ultimately the damage penalty seems like it should be high enough that punching is a better option, explaining why Batman frees his hand and starts punching the shark in the face instead of continuing the pathetic low-force kicks.
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