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Default Pinning down a fix

Minimal pin fix:
An attempt to pin is a contest of 3/DX between the two figures with the following modifiers:
Add one die to the number of dice a figure needs to roll for each level of Unarmed Combat the foe has above theirs.
Add one die for each five points of ST the foe has above their own (round up so even an advantage of one point of ST adds a die)
To complete the pin the pinner needs to make their own roll and make it by more that the target makes theirs.
Once the pin is in place the pinner may attempt to tie up the target by making another contest. If they fail this roll the target escapes the pin and if they make the roll by more than the target does then they tie them up.

Note that in a contest between a very strong untalented figure against a weak high level UC figure neither is likely to pin the other.
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