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Default Re: DreadStormers [IC]

Originally Posted by GnomesofZurich View Post
20:20 hindsight. I didn't figure that one missed Stealth roll while invisible would have such a dramatic outcome, nor that Hua would move away from him when he did so. If I had stayed invisible, I could perhaps have defused the situation.
Yeah, security is a bit more dangerous to act suspicious around, and they've on heightened alert right now.

Dodge luck re-rolls
I think the margin of success should be sufficient to cause both shots to miss.
Originally Posted by TGLS View Post
I think that dazes the guard. Next turn, next guard
If it's Day's turn to act now, he will release the control of the one guard and attempt to use Suggestion on the one who shot at him.
That's one guard dazed and one mind controlled... we're dropping slightly out of combat time, but the shot should have been heard by the neighboring compartments... which are full of security personnel, so act quickly. Also, you're right below the quartermaster, and they may have heard things. What are you doing now?

Originally Posted by Hide View Post
Pacifica returns to her place and resumes her activities; she waits for cues to work with the plan.
The shots are not quite gunshots, and the ship as a whole is fairly noise dampening. She's on off duty... if she wants to be in the vicinity, she could be doing laundry or at the establishments. Otherwise she is probably at her quarters.
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