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Default United States Joint Special Operations Command and Vile Vortices

Does anyone know what the closest areas to the established Vile Vortices would be for Special Mission Units (SMU) operating under JSOC?

It occurred to me that too few of the 'Night Rider' NPCs who had been introduced had some kind of supernatural experience while serving in the military and I should probably take care that at least some of the former Navy SEALs, Marine Critical Skills Operators or Special Forces operators featured had encountered something during their military service.

As the official position of the US government is that no supernatural powers or creatures exist, operators who have paranormal encounters, succeed in their Will checks against the Facade and refuse to back down with what they saw tend to find themselves removed from operational status for psychological reasons. And Kessler's network of occult troubleshooters are always ready to snap up a good recruit with that kind of expensive training and a proven ability to handle the inexplicable.

I was thinking about a veteran of DEVGRU who might have operated in Afghanistan or the tribal areas in Pakistan when he had an encounter traceable to the Vile Vortex centered on the Indus Valley. The problem is that I don't have a good idea of how much of Pakistan is covered by that Vile Vortex, if it stretches into Afghanistan, etc.

Judging by the pictures already appearing in this thread, it seems that quite a lot of Pakistan would be affected. I'm not bound by the exact measurements provided by the large-scale maps Sanderson used, but unless given a compelling reason to deviate from his theories, would prefer to pay some lip service to them.

Can anyone savvy in converting the huge and imprecise world map seen in pictures like this tell me approximately how far the edges of the area should be from the ruins of the Mohenjo-daro in Pakistan if we were to assume that it was the center?

And where would I find the closest areas where US Special Operations Forces (SOF) might have operated extensively in during the past two decades?

Are there any places in Afghanistan that have seen a lot of fighting and are near any archeological remains of the Harappan / Indus Valley Civilization / Rama Empire?
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