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Default Attack and Step with Wait Maneuver?

Hoping someone could clarify the rules around stepping AFTER attack as part of a Wait maneuver. I'm particularly interested in the legality of using the step portion to move away from an advancing foe. As an example...fighters A and B have one hex between them. A has initiative and both have 1-hex reach weapons...

A1. Uses a Wait Maneuver (declares attack and step back if B advances)
B1 Uses Step and Attack...move into adjacent hex but....
A1 gets to attack before B can swing because of Wait. Player A attacks and then steps back out of reach of B. B can no longer attack and effectively loses remainder of turn
A2 Can step forward and attack B again (combat continues as normal from this point on...)

I remember reading another post (unfortunately I can't find link) that suggested making the step back equivalent to a retreat. As a result, B still gets his attack in the first turn since the exchange is almost simultaneous. Makes sense. But what happens if player A uses a Committed Attack (as part of the Wait maneuver) instead of a Step and Attack? Committed Attack does not allow a retreat so presumably this approach would no longer be valid??? Also with Committed Attack, can player A take 2 steps away after attacking instead of just one?

I am fairly new to GURPS 4e as my previous experience was with the very old 1st edition rules (i.e. Man to Man rulebook). There, one could only step forward as part of a Wait maneuver so this was never really an issue.

Thanks in advance for any comments/clarifications.....
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committed attack (long), wait

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