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Old 05-11-2010, 05:44 PM   #1
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Default Exhumation [Bites]

Greetings! My name is Keith and I am the game owner for Munchkin Bites and Pants Macabre.

This card "Exhumation" reads "At the start of your turn, take the top discard from either stack."

This is card is pretty badass if you've got it. Buuut... I think it can be abused.

For example, one player did the very munchkinly thing of declaring that at the end of one player's turn that he played the "Go Up A Level" (GUAL) Card. Next turn was his, so he picked up his own GUAL and kept at this business of continual pillaging his own plunder. Prettymuch not cool. We all banded together to snuff out his miserable existence for such a play.

Another card with which exhumation can be abused is "Ancestral Memory" which reads "Go through the discards to find any one card you want. Take that card and discard this one." Granted this card can't be played at any time, if it sits on the discards it can be picked up again.

We made it a house rule that if you have exhumation, you must give other players a chance to cover up the cards you play.

For example: if a player who has exhumation plays GUAL or Ancestral memory or what have you, they must wait until their next turn to pick it back up to give other players a chance to cover it up.

This is better than the first house rule we came up with: you can't pick up cards you played if you have Exhumation.

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Andrew Hackard
Munchkin Line Editor
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Default Re: Exhumation [Bites]

Something else to consider is that your turn begins as soon as the player to your right declares his turn is over. There's no "OK, you just gave Charity, and before my turn starts I'm going to do X" between-turn phase. Enforce that rule, and you'll see that other players might get a chance to cover up an obnoxious discard, because you can't play a card and IMMEDIATELY pick it back up; it's still the turn of the player to your right, and he gets a chance to do something else (sell items, play a Curse, whatever).
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Default Re: Exhumation [Bites]

A most excellent reply! Thank you.
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ancestral memory, exhumation, go up a level, gual

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