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Default LogHP Idea

This is an alternative to the normal damage system. The goal was to create a system that works well, is easy to use, and handles multiple hits in a more sensible fashion. Multiple small hits have quickly diminishing returns. It's difficult or impossible to do the "death by a thousand cuts" with this system. Massive trauma exceeding your HP will quickly result in unconsciousness or death.

LogHP System
- You will keep a running total of the amount of damage you've taken. A fully healed character has 0 damage. Poker chips work well, but writing it down works equally as well.

- Shock, crippling, and major wounds work the same. It's only how we're totaling damage that's changing.

- When you take damage, your new damage total is the greater of your old total or the amount taken (use either if they are equal). If the lesser value is greater than 0 compare the difference and add:
+3 if the values are the same.
+2 if the values are 1 or 2 apart.
+1 if the values are 3-5 apart.

If on any given turn, your damage total exceeds your HP total, you need to make a HT roll before doing anything. Failure means you "Do Nothing" instead.

In any turn where you take damage exceeding your HP total, you need to make an immediate HT roll at a penalty equal the amount of damage over your HP total. Failure results unconsciousness. Failure by 5 or more means you're dying (Mortal Wound B423). Any failure that is critical or fails by 10 or more results in automatic death.

Bill and Bob get into a fight. Bill punches Bob for 4 damage, so Bob now has a damage total of 4. Bill punches Bob again for 3 damage. That's 1 lower, so Bob keeps the 4, but adds +2 for being within 1 or 2 for a new total of 6. Bill punches Bob again, rolling another 3, but this time it's 3 lower so it adds +1 for a total of 7. Bob decides that punching isn't getting it done, so he grabs a bat and clobbers Bill for 9 damage. Since 9 is greater than 7, that becomes the new total, then +2 is added since 7 is within 2 of 9, for a total of 11. Bill only had HP10, so he's 1 over his HP. Bill makes a HT-1 (-1 for 1 point over) check upon taking that last hit. If Bill doesn't pass he's going to be unconscious, mortally wounded, or potentially dead.

Bob heals up and take a gun to Bill. He shoots him with a pistol first for 13 damage. Bob who also only had HP10, but hadn't been injured prior is now 3 over his HP. Bill needs to pass a HT-3 check immediately and failure more 5 or more will have the dire consequences above.

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Default Re: LogHP Idea

Pyramid 3/120 Conditional Injury is something similar.
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