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Default Re: Minor magics for wizards

Originally Posted by Chris Goodwin View Post
Wrong board? This is TFT House Rules...
Response to one of Warhorse's earlier posts. Seems to have lagged in the posting. Sorry for the confusion!
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Default Re: Minor magics for wizards

Minor Staff Spells.

These are included when a wizard learns the Staff spell, but cast separately as needed.

Locate Staff(S) On an exact success reveals the exact relative hex the wizard's staff is located in, or that the staff is not within one hex range. For every additional point the roll is made by the range doubles. (I.e. 64 hex radius if the roll was made by 6.) Cost 1 ST.

Retrieve Staff(T) On a successful casting if the wizard's staff is in the target hex it applies the wizard's base ST (if needed) to pry itself loose from whatever confinement it is in (no damage win or lose on any ST roll) and flies to the wizard's grasp to be ready for his next turn. Use the missile spell range adjustments for DX in casting. Cost 1 ST.

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Default Re: Minor magics for wizards

Is the idea that casting a cantrip is done basically the same way as casting a spell (e.g., requires Cast Spell action in combat), except that it succeeds automatically and costs nothing beyond 1 ST for the first casting of the day?

I'm wondering how long it would take someone with the Bee cantrip to create a sizable swarm of bees (casting it once per combat turn would give you 720 bees after an hour...).
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Default Re: Minor magics for wizards

I too am a fan of cantrips and I like the ones listed here it will make a great addition to my games.
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Default Re: Minor magics for wizards

I have 2 views of Cantrips

1) They are what Wizard Apprentices practice on initially to gain magic theory and confidence. Also the Wizard Master knows the kids'll play them on each other till they either hurt someone or get bored with it.

The very young apprentices outgrow these trainer spells so quickly that they after several years of doing magic, they have forgotten the spells or the fact that they ever did them. If reminded years later they say "yea... we did do that as novices. Damned if I can remember how to do it now." They would have to be relearned as adults.

2) This is training of hedge magic by those who usually get their magic by their own bootstraps. This is for those who live in a community of Heroes, who know nothing about magic, and the figure was born a Wizard. These are the types of spells that would just happen around him. And soon he recognizes that he is causing these things to happen in the special way he thinks and certain patterns he does with his hands, arms, legs, whatever. When he finds out there are magic users, it becomes his life's purpose to find one to learn from.

2a) This is what a country witch might have as part of her repertoire along with other spells.
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