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Bestial Warlust
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Default Re: Any MERP or Tolkien Quest conversions out there?

Originally Posted by larsdangly View Post
Once the PDF for ITL is released I will start distributing a few several-page packages of material from my old house rules. The whole thing is extensive and filled with things that are sure to be inconsistent with the new edition, so I'm going to pluck out coherent chunks, like the new summoning and binding spells, revise them to be consistent with any changes in the new edition, and present them as modules. One will cover summoning and familiars; another will cover naughty magic (basically, spells and items adapted from Call of Cthulhu, Dragonquest and the black magic section of 1E Chivalry and Sorcery); another will cover necromancy. Each will contain ~20 spells and/or items.
Great can't wait to see the final work then.
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