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Old 08-17-2017, 08:12 AM   #17
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Default Re: Welcome to the Ogre video game community!

Hi Jake, thank you for joining us.

I have a few questions based on what we've seen out of the game so far in the preview images.

There doesn't seem to be any UI or command interface in the game. Can you show us what this looks like when one is actually playing?

The game looks kind of dead and static, if I can be honest. It occurred to me that it might be because there's no User Interface. Can you show us how the game looks when you're actually in the middle of playing it?

For instance, at a glance will we see each unit status? What about the status of an Ogre's weaponry? What are your options when you are ready to move/attack with a unit? How do you command Ogres? Is there some way to provide, while playing, what the restrictions/benefits are of the terrain?

What is the latitude of replay-ability?

For instance, will we have the ability to create/combine maps together in combinations of our choosing? Will overlays allow us to change those maps like in the tabletop? Are the GEV maps the only option, or will the classic Ogre map be possible as well?

Moreover how will players set up this game... will they be picking from pre-generated scenarios, or if I and an opponent want to play skirmish, can you walk us through how we would set up and play together?

Will your game support custom scenarios? How would we be allowed to make them if that is the case?

Do you support Modding / Cosmetic changes?

It's a small thing, but some of us may want to re-skin the Ogre and unit models to something more of our liking.

Thank you Jake!
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