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Old 04-10-2017, 10:23 PM   #11
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Default Re: Naruto like campaign, beginner needs help

So, lets see a few ideas

Blinking Fight - for a very anime take, this is an ability that you could give for free to all "ninjas" in the game. Do you that annoying blink "speed" of the guys on Dragon Ball Z? Ok, thats just Warp with a Hard technique to buy off the -10 penalties for rapid teleport. Give it to EVERYBODY, free of charge, and it just become a common feature (just like we don't need to pay for two arms). Ninjas have it thou, mind you, not just low peasants (in this world, not having that ability+technique is a disadvantage of commoners). Very fun.

Focus Chi - thats another Wild Ability that you could give to ALL ninjas. Depending on your game, I could suggest you to DEMAND from your players to spend AT least, say, 90 CP on "Chi Pool" (to buy "Chi Points"), and AT MOST 180 CP. That would give you a pool between 30-60 Chi for beggining chars (I'm just giving some random numbers for thought, play with those as you like). So, if you do adopt this idea, give them between 120-150 extra points at creation. Adjust ALL abilities to have the limitation " Uses Energy Reserve (Chi) only -10%/lvl", instead of making them just using ANY "fuel" (that leaves the regular FP for mundane physical use only, not to fuel the ninjas "Magic"). Another option is just giving a fixed Chi Pool for all for free (it may be a fixed amount, but IMO its funnier if it is only for initial chars but can be increased with bonus CP afterwards).

And, why going at all that trouble? Well, its simple, to give the players Regeneration, but I would put a -5% limitation on it (Energy Reserve (Chi) only), but also with the limitation " Requires All-Out Concentration" (just let me check how much it is that).

Give that to ALL ninjas too... This is that classical thing on animes, when the heroes have been beaten badly, their energies are spent, but they spend some time to increase their Cosmos/Chi whatever, and gain that impossible power out of nothing. They will regenerate 1 Chi/second, but to do so, they must do nothing except glow with Chi energies (add nuisance effect), scream (another nuisance effect) and compress all their muscles.
Better Regeneration is up to you (maybe its the skill of the true Masters)
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