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Default Re: Rationale for the progression of ST-based damage

Originally Posted by TJA View Post
Great graphic, thanx!

Originally Posted by TJA View Post
Very interesting stuff!
Did you publish about this somewhere?

I would like to
No, it was pretty straightforward - I was in high school when I GMed Here There Be Dragons. (I'm a high-function autistic, so the math is that easy for me. Nowdays, I'm doing computer-aided gaming anyway, so it's even easier!) Basically, you'd multiply all that ahead of time, and determine that your sword swing deals 2d×1.44 cut or whatever, and if you roll a 7, that's 10 cut.

Originally Posted by CrimsonDawn View Post
I think the ST progression works pretty nicely as far as you're talking about reasonable scores of ST.. and if you go too far over 20, we're probably talking a game where the realism isn't such a consideration anyway, and the comparison of an axe vs rifle gets a different tone.
While GURPS often gets restricted to humans for some strange reason, you don't need cinematic or supernatural to get ST well above human ability. What if a PC fights a grizzly using only a pistol? Bio-Tech says elephants are smart enough to get languages, and it's silly-harsh on some of the species in that section; what if the PCs are a herd of elephants, unscaled? Heck, what if scaled Bunnies & Burrows PCs talk a raccoon into fending off a human for precious seconds, and the GM wants to game it out for precision?

Now, attack-time concerns are very real, and should probably be modeled by reducing Striking ST. (Especially since attacks that don't suffer attack-time concerns, like an elephant pinning a human against a wall, often use Lifting ST anyway.) But with limited cinematic/supernatural, you can still get things like a diplodocid tail passing through the sound barrier on its way to an APC. (Unless that's been shot down by now…)

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
You mean like how Innate Attack is balanced across all genres?
That reminds me of one PC who had ~500 points in Morph "pulling a Megatron"…

Innate Attack might be nicely balanced if you make the cost quadratic. But that's true of a number of things :J
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Default Re: Rationale for the progression of ST-based damage

Originally Posted by Gudiomen View Post
In a sense, if your playing anything realistic, you don't need to worry about unrealistic amounts of ST.
Please let me make that more clear:

With "realistic", i did not mean "real" like "Real Life", here on earth and between us, the real people.

I meant "realistic" like in "realistic Dragon" or "realistic TL ^12" and such things.
You could instead use "believable" in a sense of "believable Fantasy / Science Fiction movie or book".

So, in that sense, i would like to get "realistic" rules - for all sizes, scales adn ST levels imaginable.
And as close as possible to real physics.

If that means, that Supers automatically *need* a certain DR and/por IT:DR just to survive - great!
You can draw more knowledge about the game work form applying the rules ... and exactly for that, i would like to see those rules!
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Default Re: Rationale for the progression of ST-based damage

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
You mean like how Innate Attack is balanced across all genres?
ST, unlike innate attack, is a basic attribute, meaning that it is present in all genres. From the beggars in historical Constantinople in the time of the crusades, to übermensch of the far future, from classical heroes to Marvel mutants, they all have ST. They don't all have Innate Attack
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