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Night Watchman
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Default Re: Crowd sourced loot table

1, 2, 4: A sturdy, if a rather heavy, leather satchel, with several compartments. Contains:

Cloth tool-roll with pens, pencils and dice. Scissors, multi-tool, several screwdrivers and other small tools. Metal box with assorted medicines. More pens, and a Sharpie. Identity documents and security pass for work. Check book. 1d-3 books. Today's newspaper. Two pairs of glasses, Contact lens case. Diary/address book. Smartphone. Strange personal art project of little interest to anyone else. Another bag that folds up flat. Umbrella. Folding mirror, self-illuminating.

Fantasy equivalent: Satchel is much the same, but without zippers to close compartments. Writing kit. Scissors, knives, other small tools. Medicines. Identifying documents and passes for a secured workplace. A book, the local newssheet, two pairs of spectacles. Magic item for long-distance communication. Another bag, cloth rather than leather.
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Default Re: Crowd sourced loot table



pocket 1:
keys (3 sets), pen, paper currency

pocket 2:
wallet of ID/club cards
wallet of payment cards
child's toy(s)
coin purse (coins and a magic coin (gimmicked coin))
A zombie dice game
medical pouch- ibuprofen, Benadryl, 'adhesive bandages'
cell phone,
Cell phone charger (usually w/o the needed cord.)

Pocket 3:
Mini flashlight on a lanyard

Pocket 4:
Sunglasses (clip-on)

Pocket 5:
4 very large safety pins, pen, nice watch


pocket 1:
keys (3 sets), pen, paper currency

pocket 2:
wallet of writs of ID and guild memberships
wallet of writs of promised payment on the crown's promise
child's toy(s)
coin purse (coins and a magic coin (gimmicked coin))
a dice game
medical pouch- willow bark in solution, Quercetin in solution, bandages
Magical communication device
Stone of recharging magical devices (with or without the magical but required 'tail')

Pocket 3:
Mini torch with lighting kit

Pocket 4:

Pocket 5:
4 very large hooked needles, quill and sealed ink jar, nice watch
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