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Default Re: Rationale for the progression of ST-based damage

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
for example, one of the issues with ST-based damage is how quickly it adds up to "I can punch or hit you with a stick with more wounding and penetration than an assault rifle." this is especially egregious with swing damage, particularly in combination with things like Weapon Master.
But assault rifles do 3d, 4d, 5d, 6d, 7d of damage, pi, pi+ or p++ and that 10, 20 or even 30 times per second!
And all this on a range upto some thousand yards!
A Melee swing will always be less efficient.

Not even a ST 20, 3d+2 + Weapon Master = 3d+8 = 5d+1 who uses All-Out-Attack with 3 attacks per second (All-Out and Rapid Strike) can go so far!

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
One "fix" I've been tempted to try is to make basic damage equal to ST/10 dice. Swing would be (say) double this (though that represents 4x as much energy in the blow...double damage is a big deal).

This would mean ST10 is 1d, ST20 only 2d thrust; at 1.5x, that would be about 1d+2 and 3d, respectively, for swing.

The modifiers (like broadsword doing sw+1) would then also scale, as (say) +1/die.
I like this approach!

Do you say, that swing would be 2* thrust?
Or 1.5* thrust?

And the modifiers would would be multiplied as well:
sw+3 at ST 50 would be multiplied with 50/10 for a final 5d+15?!?

One problem i have is, that it is difficult to apply damages for ST between full tens. The more regular tables use the Xd-1, Xd, Xd+1, Xd+2, ... way to calculate this.
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