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Default Re: [Supers] GURPS Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe, Reboot Edition

Originally Posted by RedMattis View Post
Have you done any testing for these characters against their typical antagonists?

I believe Spiderman would turn a hypothetical evil twin into a pile of broken bones (12d punch damage vs 22 hp). His double would also break free from binding webs with ease (Binding 20 vs 112 ST).

Spiderman generally doesn't take blows terribly well, but it's not like similarly strong opponents like Venom (who likely has more strength that spidey) will typically One-KO him either when they do manage to deliver a haymaker to his face.
I'm not a long-time reader of Spider-Man. I read some of his books on and off, and I think I tried following the Clone Saga through my local library (that was around the time they added comic books). So, very hit or miss exposure to the web-head in print during the entire 1990s. Plus whatever I got through other mediums, most Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994). A lot of what I know about the character before and after this point comes from miscellaneous articles written and read about him.

At first I thought this was a pretty valid point, other than ignoring the web-head most likely pulls his punches against any foe unless he is absolutely sure he won't kill, maim, or even just seriously injure them. Which, come to think of it, probably applies to good chunk of Marvel Comics heroes, and even some of their villains and anti-heroes. Even some of the "Do what it takes" types don't go full force immediately, but escalate only that is... what it takes.

Now I am thinking most of this is a matter of misperception and missed powers. I don't read Medium articles, but this one barely passes the sniff test. What makes it so relevant to the conversation is that it not only shows Spider-Man's healing factor is not as new as I thought it was, but makes a great case for him having some kind of Damage Resistance, Injury Tolerance, or Vitality Reserve.

Re-reading Peter Parker's entry, he's got Injury Tolerance (Damage Reduction /10;Limited: Crushing Attacks, -40%; Super, -10%) [75]. This means most "normal" folks who are lucky enough to tag Mr. Acrobatic Danger Sense (...Spider-Man) are just go to do one point of damage with their fists, feet, baseball bats, etc. Peter's durability is usually on display when he faces some heavy who tags him and Peter is hurting but not slowing down.

Edit: Even against someone as strong as himself, punches and kicks aren't doing much. What does concern me a bit is it doesn't do anything against non-crushing attacks, and while he doesn't shake off blades, bullets, burns, etc. like he does your typical punches and kicks, he still doesn't seem as vulnerable as your regular human to all such attacks. Or perhaps I'm remembering it incorrectly? Or just misunderstanding Injury Tolerance: Damage Reduction again? >.> /Edit

I am thinking Spider-Man should have some level of Regeneration. The article cites how certain injuries don't seem to heal as quickly. I can't tell if breaking a bone, suffering organ damage, etc. is some kind of exception to his Regeneration (a Limitation), or if those should just be seen as attacks where Peter Parker took a lot of damage, more than his Regeneration can handle with just one good night's sleep. I mean, if he's actually getting 8 hours of sleep, Regeneration (Regular) heals 8 damage, right?

TL;DR: Though he isn't known for it, heroes (and even some non-heroes) like Spider-Man probably pull their punches against foes they should easily turn into a bloody smear. However, Spider-Man should have some form of Regeneration. Then maybe some Damage Resistance and/or expanded forms of Injury Tolerance (Damage Reduction).
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