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The Big Boo
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Default Have I been playing this game wrong?

The way I have been playing it is that once everyone has been dealt their starting hands everyone has a chance to play their race/class cards and any items they want to carry before the first player kicks down the first door.

However I have just watched Steve Jackson Play Munchkin on tabletop and it appeared that no one could do that untill it was their turn. If they had been allowed too Felica would have had a combat strength of 5 and been able to help steve kill the shrieking geek without steve having to use his freezing explosive potion.

also we have been allowing people to change race/class even when it's not their turn and allowed them to equip/unequip items when it's not their turn (as long as they are not in combat of course)

So have I got the rules wrong or was this a minor change they made for the cameras to make it easier for players not familiar with Munchkin to follow?

I have noticed some other minor errors, such as later on Steve and Felica ran away from the Floating Nose even though thats not possible and Steve used a kill the hireling GUAL card even though their was no hireling in play (at least not that I could see)
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