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Night Watchman
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Default [Tactical Shooting] Precision Aiming and Rangefinding

I've been reading the rules on Precision Aiming carefully, and there seems to be an erratum in the example on pp 26-27 of Tactical Shooting.

Ed Adamski, the shooter in the example, has Acc 6 for a Fine rifle, +3 Acc for his scope, and +3 Acc for knowing the exact range. So far, so good.

Originally Posted by Tactical Shooting, p27, end of the first paragraph
his limit for the Precision Aiming bonus is the lower of the scope bonus (+3) and the Acc bonus (+6).
OK, still good, but now we look at the "Rangefinding" box next to that paragraph, where there's a sentence that says:
Originally Posted by Tactical Shooting, p27, box "Rangefinding"
If using a scope, the +3 adds to its Acc bonus.
That seems to imply that the scope bonus becomes +6, and therefor the limit for the Precision Aiming bonus is +6. Is this right?

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