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Default New OGRE designs that are cool

Mulan Jīngshén, Chinese Hegemony
yr.(2078) "Blue Spirit"
155vp, 20AU, 7 size
ECM Cloaking
1 Main Battery 4/3 D4 o
2 Sec. Battery 3/2 D3 oo
2 Ext. Missiles 6/5 D3 oo
6 Antipersonnel 1/1 D1 ooo ooo
25 D1 'Hard Armor' tread units. Move starts at 5
Each tread unit is targeted.
ooooo 4
ooooo 3
ooooo 2
ooooo 1
ooooo 0

Only used three times against the Taiwan island, it proved effective in zooming past initial Taiwanese defenses and taking out two nuclear reactors and a minor forward command post.
This Mulan is one of the last cybertanks they installed strong armor.
As much of the Chinese Hegemony, portions of the ECM technology was stolen from the Combine factory. As with any copy of unproven technology, the copied ECM projectors proved unreliable and burned out only after a few uses. They, however, could not get more working properly but by then the China had larger problems than trying to hide a huge war machine.
The Nihon alliance began winning the war...
Chinese Strong Armor: Each hit-box represents a D1 tread subsystem that must be attacked individually. Instead of rolling at 1:1 odds on the CRT and inflicting an amount of damage equal to the attack, determine an attack's odds versus D1 and destroy a single tread on a result of X/XX. Ramming and falling damage is 2/3rds, round fractions normal. Strong Armor is distinquished in the system list by a "D1" instead of "TU" for tread unit.

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