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Default Gargoyle fist damage

Melee and Wizard and the Summon Gargoyle spell list gargoyles as ST 20 doing 2d with their fists in both regular and HTH combat.

Original ITL suggested PCs as gargoyles start at ST 16 and do 2d damage.

Legacy Edition ITL suggests PCs as gargoyles start at ST 13 and do 2d damage.

Legacy Edition ITL also has a new 1-point IQ 7 Brawling talent that says it has punches do +1 damage and a (suspect, to me) "dirty drawling" option that says it does +2 damage (only one short of a dagger in HTH... seems excessive to me unless it's only in some brawl and/or surprise situation, not all combat).

Several people both on the forums and in new adventures have suggested Brawling should increase gargoyle punch damage.

In hope of making sense of all of this, my suggestion is:


Gargoyles use the ST-based damage table in ITL, plus 1d-1.
Most gargoyles learn Brawling, which adds +1 to their fist damage.

Summoned gargoyles and illusion gargoyles don't have brawling.


This means:

ST 20 gargoyles do 2d damage without Brawling, or 2d+1 with Brawling.
ST 16 gargoyles do 2d-1 damage without Brawling, or 2d with Brawling.
ST 13 gargoyles do 2d-2 damage without Brawling or 2d-1 with Brawling.
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