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Default Khalomael, Habbalite "Archangel" of Fantasy (Alt-SSO)

The following is an unauthorized/fanfic Superior for the Superior Soap Opera variant setting.

Khalomael, Habbalite "Archangel" of Fantasy

The world is fantasy; protect it from those who would make it mundane.

Khalomael and her Servitors are dedicated to three tasks. The first is the enforcement of God's Will that celestials only intervene in the corporeal realm in order to counter the intervention of other celestials. The second is undoing the damage inflicted by the Purity Crusade on the human imagination and on ethereals, the product of that imagination. The third is the defense of Shangri-La's ethereal Domain from the forces of Heaven and Hell.

A servitor of Khalomael may not take celestial form on the corporeal plane, nor destroy an ethereal's vessel. To do so generates dissonance.

Band Attunements

Balseraphs (restricted)
Khalomael's Balseraphs inspire belief in the fantastic. When they use their resonance to make a human believe in magic, paranormal phenomena, or a pagan religion, the human subtracts the number of the Balseraph's Celestial Forces from their Will roll to resist, and the duration of the belief is in hours rather than minutes.

Djinn (restricted)
If a Djinn of Fantasy's attuned is a celestial, the Djinn will suffer no dissonance for hurting, even killing, them them on the corporeal plane, whether in a vessel or celestial form. Given God's commands, any celestial on Earth is asking for it.

Calabim (restricted)
The Calabim serving Khalomael are the Symphony's bouncers. When they use their resonance on a celestial in the corporeal realm, the celestial's roll to resist it takes a penalty equal to the Calabite's Ethereal Forces.

Pachadim (restricted)
Frighteners of Fantasy can use their resonance on celestials in vessels (including those who have left a vessel sleeping on Earth while in the Marches). When they do so, the celestial subtracts the Pachadite's Ethereal Forces from the target number to resist the fear.

The Habbalah of Khalomael are Fantasy's muses. They add their Ethereal Forces to any roll they make to inspire a human to acts of imagination (writing fiction, crafting works of art, playing roleplaying games, studying sorcery, and worshiping pagan gods all qualify).

Fantasy's Lilim may not be able to use sorcery, but they are a great help to those who can. These Lilim can assist in any group performance of a ritual as if her level with the underlying skill was 6 and with no need to actually know the ritual, unless the ritual is to summon a demon or demonling. Further, if the ritual is to banish or exorcise a demon or demonling, the Lilim's Ethereal Forces are added to the ritual's target number.

Shedim (restricted)
Shedim of Fantasy can possess the vessels of other celestials. Further, their Ethereal Forces are subtracted from the Will of a celestial host for purposes of resisting the possession attempt, and in Contests of Wills to resist the Shedite's influence. Instead of driving the celestial to commit evil, these Corruptors must drive the celestial to commit acts that would violate the host's Superior-imposed dissonance condition. This does cause the possessed celestial dissonance!
In humans, the Fleshless of Khalomael do not need to corrupt their hosts. Indeed, if they do, they take dissonance (Khalomael considers it improper celestial interference with humanity).

The Impudites of Khalomael have special skill to protect human life from celestial attackers. They may make a Dodge roll, with a bonus equal to their Ethereal Forces, to redirect an attack by a celestial against a human to themselves. After the attack is redirected, it resolved normally (including the Impudite making its own defense rolls). If the demon did not previously know the attacker was a celestial, invoking this attunement costs 1 Essence (and if the player doesn't choose to pay the Essence, the character still doesn't know).

Choir Attunements

In the Marches, Khalomael's Seraphim see the truth of the intent of their foes in combat. Their opponents must subtract twice the angelsí Ethereal Forces from any attempt to Dodge their attacks (whether ethereal or celestial) in the ethereal realm.

An aura of loyalty surrounds a Cherub of Fantasy with a radius equal to the Guardian's Ethereal Forces in yards. Within that range, all humans gain a bonus equal to the Cherub's Ethereal Forces to resist celestials' attempts to force or convince them to betray their friends, their ideals, or themselves.

Ofanim (partly restricted)
Ofanim of Khalomael add their Ethereal Forces to their Dodge to avoid attacks by celestials on the corporeal plane.
Additionally, Ofanim with this attunement count celestial Tethers as "established locations that exist in the public consciousness" for purposes of their resonance, unless the Tether's Superior has successfully concealed its existence from any celestials not bound to his Word.

Fantasy's Menunim inspire hope in dreams. By expending 2 Essence in a human's dreamscape, they give that person a +1 bonus to all Will and skill rolls for the next day.

Able to avoid being caught up in other's emotions and experts in manipulating even dreams, Elohim of Fantasy add the number of their Ethereal Forces to their Dreaming skill rolls.

Often considered delusional, Khalomael's Malakim are skilled at communicating fantasies to others. They have a bonus equal to the number of their Ethereal Forces on Artistry and Lying skill rolls.

Kyriotates (restricted)
Like those serving Blandine, Kyriotates of Fantasy may indulge in their multiplicity on the ethereal plane. They may extend their consciousness simultaneously to a number of locales in the Marches (dreamscapes, Domains, or the like) equal to their Ethereal Forces.

Mercurians (restricted)
Khalomael's Mercurians are particularly sensitive to the influence of celestials on humans. On a check digit of 4 or greater on a successful resonance roll, he knows which, if any, of the target's relationships are with with humans (if the target is a celestial) or with celestials (if the target is not a celestial). This does not reveal the type of celestial (angel, demon, Band, Choir, or Word).

The Watchers of Fantasy know if any disturbance they hear was caused by an angel, demon, ethereal, or human.

Non-Celestial Attunements

Humans (restricted)
Soldiers of Fantasy are strengthened against celestial interference on Earth. They add their Corporeal Forces to their Will to resist the resonances of celestials on the corporeal plane.

Ethereals (restricted)
An ethereal who takes service with Khalomael has its essential nature strengthened; an affinity of its choice is raised a level. This may violate normal strength limits by giving an ethereal that is not a primal spirit a primal affinity, or one that has fewer than six Forces a strong affinity.

Servitor Attunements

Dream Walking
This works just like Beleth's or Blandine's attunement of the same name, except it does not care where in the Marches the subject is.

Flight of Fancy
By touching a human who does not have Symphonic awareness and expending 1 Essence, the user of this attunment grants that human the ability to perform one Song. The Song may be selected by the user of the attunement from the Corporeal Songs of Form, Harmony, Healing, Light, Projection, Shields, or Tongues. The human gets the Song at an effective level of 6, can use the Song for an hour, and instinctively understands what the Song does and how to use it. If the human has six or more Forces and successfully performs the Song, he gains permanent Symphonic awareness.


Vassal of the Eerie Knight
The Vassal can send truly strange dreams to any given sleeper within 500 yards, who will be drawn out of the Vale of Dreams. Both the user and his target are drawn into the Far Marches for the rest of the night.

Friend of the Soul's Captain
The Friend always knows if any person in his presence has had a celestial visitor in his dreams, or experienced a celestially-inflicted dream or nightmare, in the past day. (This is identical to the power of a Captain of Headhaunters.)

Master of the Barony of Dreams
A Master of the Barony of Dreams has a +2 bonus to succeed on any roll made while walking the Marches (just like a Baron of Screams or a Master of the Realms of Night).
Steven E. Ehrbar

GURPS Technomancer resources. Including The Renegade Mage's Unofficial GURPS Magic Spell Errata, last updated February 24th, 2023.
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