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Default Phantom and Non-Living beings

Illusions affect "anybody with the right senses" (DFS40);
Phantom forces an IQ QC "The first time any living creature" touches it (DFS41);
Not winning means you "treat the Phantom as a Perfect Illusion for all purposes with respect to that character." (DFS41), so I'm guessing that character can't damage it to destroy it, either.

However, it says nothing about how non-living beings, constructs, elementals and demons, treat the Phantom. Do they think it's real, move right through it and they can't damage each other?

While we're at it, a Phantom has a DX and ST of (e.g.) 15 for contests and damage, but if you add Initiative it has DX of (e.g.) 9 for the purpose of attacks and skills?
Per-based Stealth isn’t remotely as awkward as DX-based Observation.
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