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Default Re: Useful Low-Powered Abilities [Powers/Supers]

Computer Brain uses computer programs, which are digital records that can be easily copied and found on the Internet, so they are going to be cheaper (and that is just a suggested cost, I use a similar cost for Computer Brain in my games for legitimate programs). Basic (p. 71) says that the GM determines the cash cost of the materials for Super-Memorization, and my costs are comparable to the costs given for Grimoires from RPM, if you replace the cost per +1 for one ritual to cost per CP for a broader skill. Now, everyone will have their own costs, and $100 per CP may be suitable for some settings, though that would represent books you could get from a Barnes & Noble or that you could purchase on a Kindle in contemporary society.
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Default Re: Useful Low-Powered Abilities [Powers/Supers]

$128,000 for 8 points sounds like way too much. For comparison, brain chips in Ultra-Tech cost $1,000 per point at TL 9. I wouldn't go much higher than that, or you're making the advantage pointless.
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Donny Brook
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Default Re: Useful Low-Powered Abilities [Powers/Supers]

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
Always On and Transient are mutually exclusive categories by definition. You cannot have an ability that applies to both categories.
1. The applicability of Maximum Duration is not defined in reference to those categories.

2. Modular Abilities is not Transient.
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Default Re: Useful Low-Powered Abilities [Powers/Supers]

How exactly would you consume $128,000 worth of textbooks in 8 seconds? It'd be tough just flipping through one textbook per second, and that would be dozens, if not hundreds.
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powers, supers

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