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Default Re: [Supers] 21st DCU Golden Age (DC Nerfed)

Originally Posted by Prince Charon View Post
Do you perhaps mean 'Enhanced Muscles,' in Bio-Tech p213? There doesn't appear to be an Enhanced ST trait in that book, and Enhanced Muscles does exactly what you're describing (Lifting ST+1 and Striking ST+1, totally 8 points per level).
I've pondered and I figure I'll do Lifting and Striking ST separately, rather than a metatrait or any other kludge. I'll make a perk for them to use EE together for a coordinated action (such as throwing). It seems fair point-wise and power-wise. After all the character is paying full value for the ST just without HP, I'm going to add a power modifier, and it makes the EE effort cleaner.
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Default Re: [Supers] 21st DCU Golden Age (DC Nerfed)

Originally Posted by naloth View Post
Partially because I use either GCA, homegrown utility, or Excel to calculate values quickly. The formulas only work properly if the ST value is on the ST line. If I put ST 10 HP 15, Lifting ST+30, Striking ST +30, nothing gets calculated correctly. Likewise, I consider ST 40 HP 15 easier to read a bunch of traits scatters across the character sheet.

As for how to note it here, I'm somewhat neutral. ST! seems clear (ST without HP) since ! been used to denote attributes minus secondary on the forums for years. Fixed ST would work, but it's described slightly differently in Supers even though it's just a Lifting + Striking ST metatrait.
GCS doesn't have the formula problem and for those of us on a Mac (or Linux) it is better then GCA (and better then trying to do it in excel). Also when Mac and Windows shift to ARM GCS (being in Java) will run natively, GCA will not and on ARM Macs GCS will still work when they drop the emulator (about three years)
Help make a digital reference for GURPS by coming to the GURPS wiki and provide some information and links. Please, provide more then just a title and a page number.

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