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Default Study of Folklore and Magic in Texas and the Gulf Coast

For a campaign set in the modern day in a secret magic world of Monster Hunters, I'm considering what universities, research institutes and other sources of support and funding would investigate subjects relevant to PC Monster Hunters. Some PCs and NPC allies will be academics or have connections with academic institutes and I want to determine the most respected, influential and powerful Patrons, Claims to Hospitality or Contacts in that field.

The area of focus for the campaign is the Gulf Coast of the US, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The PCs will have several bases, but will probably be at least part-time residents of Galveston, TX, or the vicinity. They'll also travel around in a yacht owned by their eccentric patron, with frequent ports of call being New Orleans, LA, Gulfport-Biloxi, MS, Mobile, AL, and several ports in Florida and the Caribbean.

What I want to know is which universities and institutions in that area are most involved in field anthropology, ethnography, comparative religion, folklore and similar research.

Which universities offer respected graduate programs studying subjects which in a secret magic Monster Hunter game might relate to Ritual Path Magic and/or monsters?

Where is the most research being done on Afro-American religions and folklore?

What are the most likely institutions to sponsor anthropology fieldwork in the Caribbean or Latin America?

Where in the Gulf Coast area would one find the best libraries where manuscripts of occult significance might be found?

What universities in the area have the best history departments? The best linguistic departments? Best anthropology departments? And so on?

And for characters who are able to visit Galveston at least weekly without major hassle (bonus points if it's within a daily commute), what university would be most appropriate for them to be attending as a graduate student of anthropology and/or to have connections with as a faculty member or visiting lecturer?

Rice University?

University of Houston?

University of St. Thomas?

Lamar University?

Sam Houston State University?

Texas Southern University?

Baylor University?

Texas A&M University?

University of Texas at Austin?
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