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Default GCA4 FAQ - GURPS Character Assistant 4 Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this FAQ is to collect some of the most frequently asked questions about the GURPS Character Assistant (GCA) and answer them, so that those questions may be linked to and referenced as need be. This is a replacement for, and addendum to, the previously posted GCA FAQ.

The thread will be closed, so that only moderators may add to or change the contents. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for this FAQ please feel free to open another thread in this forum and post them.

A special thanks for of our Data File authors.

FAQ Table of Contents

Q: What are the system requirements for GCA4?

Q: Does GCA work on a Windows Tablet?

Q: My computer crashed, where can I get another copy of GCA?

Q: Where can I obtain updates for GCA?

Q: Which updates do I need to install to get the latest version of GCA?

Q: What can I do if I'm having trouble installing GCA on Windows Vista or Windows 7?

Q: GCA is crashing or appears to be not responding - how can I fix the program?

Q: Why is GCA giving me errors regarding missing printer drivers?

Q: Will GCA ever have an Export to PDF feature built in?

Q: Will Data Updates for future books be free?

Q: How come GCA doesn't have a trait or template creation wizard, or some other feature I like to see in the program?

Q: I just downloaded the update and all the spells from GURPS Magic (or all the templates from GURPS Fantasy, or...) were not included.

Q: In what order should I load the data files in a data set?

Q: I see that some alternate character sheets are available. How can I use them with my characters?

Q: I did not know that alternate character sheets are available. Where can I get them?

Q: I've e-mailed a data file, character file or character sheet file to someone and now it it either won't load in GCA or is giving me errors when I attempt to load it. What's going on here?

Q: So you say the files GCA uses are plain text. What does it take to edit the files? What issues should I be aware of?

Q: I've read the previous section. I think I'm ready to make my own data file. How do I start?

Q: Can I distribute the data files I create for GCA?

Q: When I print or print preview with GCA why do I sometimes get weird text formatting in the printout?

Q: Is there a way to sort Spells by College, or Skills by Category, or Advantages by Type?

Q: What about on the printout?

Q: Is there a way to get GCA to do Ritual Magic (Spells as Techniques) or Clerical Magic (Spells have no defaults) instead of the default magic system?

Q: How come Magery isn't adding to my spell skill levels when using these variants?

Q: Can I have a character that uses more than one of the Magic systems?

Q: How do I add the same trait (advantage, skill, equipment, etc.) more than once?

Q: What does the blue d, red P or Exclamation Mark ! in a Yellow Circle mean?

Q: Can I export my character to a format I can easily edit (for posting on forums, writing articles, etc.)?

Q: How can I create new traits (Advantages, Disadvantages, Skills, Equipment, etc.) and then save it from one character into another?

Q: How can I create new templates for GCA?

Q: How can I obtain data files for the latest books which aren't included int the current Data Update?

Q: When I add a Racial Template or Meta-Trait to a character the component traits are not listed. Is there a way to display the component traits of Racial Templates or Meta-Traits?

Q: When I add a Racial template or Meta-Trait how come I cannot modify the components of the template? Is there a way to change them anyway?

Q: When I start GCA, or when I try do do a specific task in GCA, the installer for another program launches. How can I fix this problem?

Q: Why does GCA use page abbreviations when no other GURPS 4th Edition products do?

Q: What are the page abbreviations used in GCA?

Q: How do I apply the DR of armor to my character?

Q: How do I select which skill will be used for my characters default Block or Parry?

Q: How do I make some equipment not count towards encumberance?

Q: Am I allowed to I Install GCA on multiple computers?

Q: When adding traits (especially spells) a selection window opens asking me to choose between possible prerequisite chains; some of the prerequisite chains start with a prefix such as ST: or SK: - What do those prefixes mean?

Q: What are the Magery attributes I see listed as prerequisites when adding spells? e.g. ST:Magery Air or ST:Magery Fire

Q: How do I create a new Power set within GCA?

Q: I've selected a portrait for my character, but when I print there is no portrait. How do I include the portrait on the printout?

Q: How do I add Enchantments to equipment?

Q: How do I change the cost of Enchantments for my campaign?

Q: How do you implement Alternate Form in GCA?

Q: Why does GCA crash with an Error 6: Overflow whenever I use _New Racial Template or _New Meta-Trait?

Q: GCA is not responding - a window failed to open or opened off-screen, how to fix?
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