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Default Poison resistance as dosage modification or sliding immunity, not roll bonus?

Greetings, all!

Since creatures that are adapted to more-toxic environments and diets are relevant to my campaigns, I keep thinking about Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (especially Poisons). And here's where it's been going all this time:

Could there perhaps be a way to make a Resistant variant that mostly doesn't provide a roll bonus, but rather makes an individual more resistant to bad stuff in a smoother, less random way. Perhaps there's a way to calculate a fair value by which effective doses could be reduced for the purpose of calculating harmful effects? E.g. a human after one dose of Strychnine suffers a cyclic affliction with HT rolls; but say a mutant would require 16 doses (4 doublings of dosage, which is enough to negate a +8 bonus) to even trigger the cycle, and then proceeds to takes normal unmodified HT rolls once it starts (treating 16 doses as 1 dose). The +3 bonus sounds like 2 doublings, which would mean barely enough to triple the required dosage.

Another idea would be to just do something like 'Take 11', and say that toxins with an effective resistance roll after all modifiers that are milder than this are ineffective, but that seems like (a) it requires more of a rework of the way GURPS works and (b) risks producing weird results.

Thanks in advance!
Vicky 'Molokh', GURPS FAQ and uFAQ Keeper
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