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Default Re: Noob Question {Combat/Dodge}

Originally Posted by odizzle View Post
From what I understand, you only get one active defence per turn.

Is this correct?
Basic Set: Characters, page 375 states: "You only get one active defense against each attack, unless you use All-Out Defense (Double Defense), but there is no limit to the number of times you may dodge different attacks during your turn."

Also: "You may attempt to block only one attack per turn."

On the next page it states: "Number of Parries: Once you have attempted a parry with a particular weapon or bare hand, further attempts to parry with that weapon or hand are at a cumulative -4 per parry after the first." There are other rules to note in that section, too.

Originally Posted by odizzle View Post
4. What are Good Mage's options? Can he cast another , "catch spell" or "blink" or "teleport"
Magic, page 8 states: "Blocking spells may be cast without concentrating, during a foe’s turn, to defend against an attack."

Also: "Never reduce the cost of a Blocking spell..." for high skill.

Blocking spells are covered on pp. M12-13. Those pages state that blocking spells "are cast instantly as a defense against either a physical attack or another spell. It is the magical equivalent of a block, parry, or dodge. You may cast only one Blocking spell per turn, no matter how skilled you are. You cannot attempt a Blocking spell against a critical hit."

There are other rules in that section of note.
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