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Default Immediacy, Curses, and Card Draws

This question is a question of conflicting immediacies.

The rules state that you may play a card as soon as you get it (assuming it is otherwise legal to play). The rules also state that curses take effect immediately. So, with that in mind, here is the setup:

Nick is fighting a monster that offers four treasures upon defeat.
Amanda plays Midas Potion (removes the level reward from a monster, but otherwise does not affect combat).
Nick kills the monster.
Nick draws four cards from the treasure deck.
NB: At this point, Nick has not seen the cards he has drawn, he just dealt four cards from the top and picked up the stack.
Amanda plays Viking Duck (players to the left and right of the cursed player may draw a card from the cursed player's hand).

Amanda claims that as soon as the four cards are picked up, they are part of Nick's "hand" and fair game for Viking Duck.

Nick claims that:
a) He has not had the opportunity to play the cards, and he must have that opportunity before the curse can take effect.
b) He was holding the cards, but they were not yet "in his hand", as he hadn't truly completed the draw
c) He was in the process of blindly placing all four cards "in play" (they - as a stack - were face up and Nick was putting that stack in his "Pack" area), and thus should not be counted as part of his hand.

Who is correct? And if Nick is correct, on which point(s) does his victory lay?
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curses, immediacy, legends, viking duck

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