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Default Help with making a Pulp/Supers character

Hello, I am new to GURPS and I am trying to build a character for my brother. He wants me to make a sort of Super-Pulp character. Think Doc Savage or Indiana Jones but with superpowers.

The hero, Mister Divine, is going to be a former soldier and "Man of the World" in the late 1930's. His powerset is going to be a Kinetic or Inertia Control power only affecting himself. I'm going to hold off on those more extraordinary advantages until later.

I am having trouble figuring out where to points for his skills and what possible advantages/disadvantages he should have. I have been using GURPS Lite to sort of block-out what skills, advantages, disadvantages and stats the character will have.

The books I have available (all 4th edition) are: Characters, Campaigns, Powers and Supers.

Here is his character sheet so far:

Mister Divine

ST 13 [30] DX 11 [20] IQ 11 [20] HT 13 [30]
HP 13 Will 11 Per 11 FP 13
Basic Lift 34 lbs. Basic Speed 5.75 Dodge 8 Basic Move 5
Damage 1d/2d-1

Area Knowledge (Baltimore, MD)
First Aid
Guns (Pistols)
Guns (Rifles)
Guns (Submachine guns)

Daredevil [15]
Charisma 1 [5]
Fearlessness 3 [6]

Bad Temper -10
Impulsiveness -10
Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) -10
Sense of Duty (United States Government) -10
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Default Re: Help with making a Pulp/Supers character

First off, I wouldn't give him both Boxing and Brawling. It makes sense for some concepts, but there's a lot of overlap in utility, so it will end up being a waste of points.

I would, however give him a couple points in Wrestling or Judo if hand-to-hand combat will be a factor.

A pulp hero will probably have Acrobatics, too. (Not because they're flipping around or tumbling, but because they're falling from great heights, swinging on ropes, walking across precarious ledges, etc...)

Combat Reflexes is a must have, and one of the best possible uses of 15 points. High Pain Threshold is a great value as well, and highly appropriate for action heroes.

He doesn't seem to have very many IQ based skills, consider dropping it to 10 and raising Per and Will back up.

Charisma's great, but you should have an influence skill (other than intimidation) to get the most out of it. I suggest Sex Appeal (to take advantage of your high HT, and mad-scientist's beautiful daughters).

Consider giving him an appropriate Talent. Pulp heroes were often among the best in the world at something (pilots, scientists, etc...)
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