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Default November 27, 2023: Wisdom Of The Next Generation

November 27, 2023: Wisdom Of The Next Generation

Read this article on the Illuminator.
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Default Re: November 27, 2023: Wisdom Of The Next Generation

Both bits are great. Aim for the peaks and people will forget the valleys and players may never catch on to how much improv you are doing behind the scenes.

My advice is that no situation isn't too complicated that you cannot add a new side.

Having competing factions for players to choose between reminded me about how I ran the Dragon Heist D&D 5ed module. I basically had all 4 villains included. And I enhanced the city side, and I added a few more extras to boot. I was aiming for something like the It's a Mad Mad Mad World movie. Lot's of people maneuvering around each other and thinking the players new more than they actually did.

I don't think the module was that great, but my players remembered them trying to play the factions against each other and the peaks were pretty fun.
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