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Old 01-04-2017, 02:54 AM   #61
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Default Re: Is JTAS still going?

Originally Posted by Centisteed View Post
GURPS being sold on another site is really weird to see. Looks a bit expensive. I got the whole Traveller original on CDRom for just $35, whereas they broke into two CDs this time. Also, the Disc 1 & 2 don't seem to separate into what is on each of them. Every time I click on either one, it shows me the same PDF file.
Essentially, there are 4.5 CD's for CT...
JTAS (which is all for CT)
Apocrypha 1
Apocrypha 2
half of Apocrypha 3

I'm actually glad to own the hardback for GTIW (LorenVerse :)). It looks incredible & soft to the touch.

Btw, did Traveller 5 ever take off? Or did it become an oddity.
It is still a going thing; several T5 licenses have been awarded (at least two to "Inner Circle" members), one of whom does have work in print.
Marc is still revising toward T5.1
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Default Re: Is JTAS still going?

Originally Posted by Mike Wightman View Post
email received today
FFE GURPS JTAS cd rom slated for a January release.
So I've been nice and patient; it's March and no indication of the JTAS cd rom release - has there been any more news on the release date or reason for the delay?
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Old 08-14-2017, 09:47 AM   #63
Mike Wightman
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Default Re: Is JTAS still going?

This kickstarter got an announcement on the MgT forum:

It's an ebook/print copy of LKW's editorials plus electronic JTAS, Challenge and GT JTAS
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Default Re: Is JTAS still going?

The disadvantage for the CD-ROMs is they may have files that are a lower quality from what SKYames was selling. I'm obsessive, so I've got both sets. The files from Warehouse23 are larger and seem a bit sharper.

Glad to see that JTAS will be released. I would like to see the same thing happen for the online Pyramid.
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jtas, traveller

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