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Default Aeroduel, and Boat Wars (Hydroduel?) in 6th?

I was just wondering what everyone thinks of including the boats, hovers, planes, and lighter-than-air craft of previous editions, and if so how it should be done. I've already stated that I think that water and aircraft should be separate from the core set, preferably boxed expansions(i.e. stretch goals for the CW kickstarter). That said I like the name "Aeroduel" for the air expansion, and while "Aquaduel" for the boats sounds good I think "Hydroduel" would be less confusing.

Although I realize it's not realistic, for the sake of a simpler design system I think all vehicle types should use the same Power-Plants within reason (cycles/trike type plants for small vehicles car plants for mediums and truck plants for large). I'd also like to say that I like seperate plant types fuel cell/gasburner/hybrid/ect. just not "car plants","boat plants", "helicopter plants","plane plants" all of which must include the other categories.

Also if a fixed scale is used in 6th edition (1"= ?) it should be the same for all vehicle types (no more "aircraft scale" or "tank scale"). If you cant do that lower the speed or range of the vehicles until it works. though I would prefer a system based on "Car Lengths" or "Vehicle Lengths".

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